1 ton of non-woven fabric or 1 ton of cotton yarn can be produced after recycling per ton of old clothes

by:Sunshine     2020-02-23
Once upon a time, the sound of 'collecting old clothes' that can be heard in the streets and alleys of Shaoxing has gradually faded out of our ears. In the face of more and more old clothes in the homes of ordinary people, some people say that they can be donated to charities. Some people say that they can be donated to remote mountainous areas, while others use these old clothes, A recycling industry chain has been opened up. During the interview, many citizens said that the handling of old clothes has become a difficult task, and vendors recycling old clothes are really hard to see. As for the old clothes in the home, some citizens think that 'it's a pity to keep them useless and throw them away', so the best way to deal with them is to be able to enter the recycling channel, which will be easier to accept than discarding them directly. 'It's really a bit unacceptable to throw away the old clothes directly, so even if you can sell a few dollars a piece, it's good. 'Citizen Ms. Zhang said. The reporter learned that the current recycling of old clothes in Shaoxing is not a climate. Except for the sporadic recycling points set up in charities to recycle old clothes, there are few individuals or enterprises that recycle old clothes. Even in enterprises engaged in recycling old clothes, many of them are directly linked to garment factories, and it is difficult for citizens to have disposal channels for sporadic old clothes. I don't know how to dispose of the old clothes at home. However, the reporter learned in an interview that there is a company in Lanting town that recycles the old clothes in the home. 'As long as the quantity is large, we can come to the door to recycle. 'Manager Ma, head of the purchasing department of a technology enterprise in Lanting town, said that some old clothes in the common people's homes are not very large in basic quantity. To say that every household comes to collect them, for the enterprise, it must be a big burden, so it is still feasible to collect some large customers in the surrounding areas. Manager Ma said that for these technology companies, the source of old clothes is also a problem, especially the price of the old clothes themselves is calculated, and the value is not high, however, if all of them are recycled from other places, the freight will be much higher than the value of these clothes themselves, so I hope to develop an old clothes recycling industry chain locally. Shaoxing has a company specializing in recycling old clothes and old clothes. What can I do? Did you sell the old clothes again? Manager Ma said that in fact, many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the recycling of old clothes. At present, some of the recycling of old clothes on the market is aimed at poor donations, however, some waste recycling points and enterprises recycle more recycling. Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co. , Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint venture. The new technology owned by the company can also be recycled and reused. The company is also very optimistic about the market prospects of this piece. 'The recycling of old clothes has created economic value while protecting the environment. 'Some people in the industry said that every ton of old clothes can be produced after recycling. 99 tons of non-woven fabric or 0. 99 tons of color separation cotton yarn is equivalent to saving 1. 1 ton of textile raw materials or 0. 8 tons of cotton also saves 35% of the energy for the production of the same non-woven fabric and 20% of the energy for the production of the same cotton yarn. In this regard, manager Ma also said that the old clothes recycled by the company will be processed and reused according to different textures and colors. For example, some white cotton can be used as recycled cotton, some are used as rags to wipe machine parts, others are used as blankets, etc. If the old clothes are processed and crushed to make recycled cotton, they can be used to wrap trees in winter. Especially in the north, it can be laid on the ground to keep warm, and can also be used to pack vegetables. The insulation layer under many car mats is made after processing old clothes. What's the use of old clothes after recycling? For the recycling of old clothes, many ordinary people always maintain a skeptical attitude. Some citizens even said in interviews that these 'Chinese garbage' will not flow into the lives of ordinary people like 'foreign garbage, it is not surprising that this kind of worry is harmful to everyone's health. Reporters found that China's 'foreign garbage' disposal has a relatively strict market supervision and supervision system, but there are no very detailed provisions for the circulation of these old clothes in China, only one 'measures for the administration of used goods circulation' promulgated 15 years ago has some relevant provisions, but the standards for disinfection of old clothes are not detailed. In response, some insiders said that Shaoxing's old clothes flowing into charity channels have special disinfection and treatment systems, and citizens do not have to worry too much, but as for the recycling of some enterprises, many of them are recycled to produce new products after chemical treatment, and these products are basically not used to produce products that are in contact with the human body. Can you rest assured that there are blank recycled products under supervision? 'Now there are dozens of old clothes recycling points in Hangzhou, all of which are directly distributed in the street community. The reporter contacted a staff member of the donation point of Cuiyuan Street in Hangzhou. He told reporters that the old clothes recycling point in Hangzhou was mainly used to donate to the needy people and the Rural Five-guarantee elderly, therefore, there are still some restrictions on donated clothes and clothing. Basically, only more than of the new clean autumn and winter old clothes are accepted, moreover, these donated old clothes will be cleaned, disinfected and sorted before being donated. In addition to Hangzhou, Shanghai currently has more than 15000 'panda boxes' in more than 2000 residential areas '. According to reports, the recycled clothes in these boxes will be sorted and sorted out, and the clothes of good quality will be donated through special channels, while other clothes will be recycled by some enterprises, excavate renewable resources and make the best use of them.
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