1 ton of old clothes can be recycled and produced 0. 99 tons of non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-05-10
A few days ago, statistics from the China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources showed that China's textile production reached 43 million tons in 2011, while about 26 million tons of old clothes were thrown away. With the improvement of people's living standards, the old clothes in the home have become 'cumbersome '. Due to the high cost of handling, not long ago, the Chinese Red Cross reiterated to the citizens who wanted to donate 'rejecting old clothes', completely blocking the donation of old clothes. In the end, the only way out for these old clothes is to throw them away or treat them as waste products. A garment from silk to cloth, to clothing, condensed the painstaking efforts and efforts of many textile companies, but in the end it was only thrown away. In the face of the ever-increasing number of old clothes that are difficult to deal with, many textile enterprises in Shaoxing county regard them as business opportunities, actively explore recycled fiber technology, and turn old clothes into treasures. The reporter learned that Zhejiang Jiabao New Fiber Group Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of the county Seiko Holding Group, is launching an annual output of 7. 50 thousand tons of recycled differentiated fiber project. In last August, 'Jiabao new fiber' and the world's top 500 enterprise 'Emperor Group' jointly invested 1. 5 billion yuan to build the first polyester chemical recycling enterprise in China, the project is mainly to realize recycled fibers by chemical means for chemical fiber and polyester old garments. In addition, the ancient fiber road green Fiber Co. , Ltd. located in the Lijiang River has vigorously developed intensive production and green circular economy industries in recent years. The company invested in the first phase. 0. 8 billion yuan, Zhejiang Luyu recycled polymer materials company was established in last October. Mainly engaged in the recycling, treatment and recycling of waste textiles, producing recycled polyester chips or high viscosity melt. 'The recycling of old clothes has created economic value while protecting the environment. 'Industry insiders said that every ton of old clothes can be produced after recycling. 99 tons of non-woven fabric or 0. 99 tons of color separation cotton yarn is equivalent to saving 1. 1 ton of textile raw materials or 0. 8 tons of cotton also saves 35% of the energy for the production of the same non-woven fabric and 20% of the energy for the same cotton yarn. Where are the recycled old clothes used? According to reports, many of the recycling and reuse of enterprises are recycled to produce new products after chemical technology treatment, but basically do not produce products for contact with human body. For example, GuXianDao green fiber company specializes in producing differentiated fibers, and its products are used in industrial fields such as automobile accessories, construction engineering, packaging materials, leisure sports, protective facilities, etc. According to industry insiders, the old clothes recycled by ordinary enterprises will be processed and reused according to different textures and colors. For example, some white cotton garments are processed and crushed to make recycled cotton, winter can be used to wrap trees or heat insulation under car mats, especially in the north, which can be laid on the ground to keep warm. According to industry insiders, after the recycling of old clothes, Shaoxing Textile Fabrics will continue to have a longer vitality through recycling recycled fibers. At the same time, it is also an effective witness to the practice of 'green and low carbon' in the textile industry. Shaoxing County newspaper
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