12th session of the non-woven fabric technology summit Shanghai, held

by:Sunshine     2020-01-04
By Jung industrial media held the '12th session of the non-woven fabric technology innovation application summit' in Shanghai, Zhongshan Park Hotel a complete end. Bringing together world-renowned experts in the field of non-woven fabrics and sanitary materials and enterprises from diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, facial masks and medical products, as well as raw material suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, testing agencies, governments, associations and institutions to discuss the latest trends in the market, technology, technology and application of non-woven fabrics. In recent years, the non-woven fabric industry has attracted much attention due to its eye-catching performance in areas including medical and health care, environmental protection filtration, infrastructure construction and new energy sources, with output reaching 4. 4 million tons in 2015, up more than 15% year on year. This year we the same period held of and Jung held the '2016, 13th session of the personal care products technology Peak Forum and small Exhibition '. Whether it's personal care products or non-woven fabrics, they still belong to industries with great development potential in China, because they are more and more closely related to the current hot spot: 'Great Health '. For example, medical and health non-woven fabrics are closely related to health, and their potential market space will be released with the increase of income levels and changes in consumption concepts. During the two-day meeting, Mr. Xiang Yang, secretary general of Shanghai Yangtze River Delta non-woven materials Industry Association and director of the national non-woven Technology Information Center, shared with us the development profile and innovation trend of the world non-woven industry, this includes the latest data and trend analysis he obtained at the IDEA2016 non-woven fabric show in the United States this year. Ms. Wang Yuping, vice president of China chemical fiber industry association, discussed the application of innovative fibers in non-woven fabrics from the perspective of chemical fibers, and was confident in the future of China's chemical fiber development. Ms. KarenBitzMcIntyre, editor-in-chief of non-woven products, an authoritative magazine in the global non-woven industry, highlighted the main challenges and opportunities in the global non-woven market. Ms. Luo, executive vice president of Foshan Nanhai Bidford non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. , introduced the technological progress and application of medical spinning and melting non-woven fabric in recent years with rich practical cases. Mr. Jiao Yong, general manager of Shanghai Fengge non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. discussed the challenges raised by the new national standard of sanitary napkins and diapers, and analyzed the current situation and future trend of disposable sanitary products from the perspective of fabric and product design. Ms. Wang Xiaohong, deputy director of the new generation market monitoring agency, analyzed the opportunities of the diaper market under the background of the second child policy from the perspectives of newborn market space, expectant mother consumption behavior analysis, diaper consumption market and sales channels. Ms. Liu Xiaofang, chief product officer of Shanghai Yinjing medical sanitary Materials Co. , Ltd. , shared with us the market opportunities and innovative models of baby wipes on the market status of baby wipes and the technological innovation of products. Mr. Du Liang, general manager of Hunan Beiyou Technology Development Co. , Ltd. introduced his experience and experience in the innovation and development of smart diapers. De Zhizhen (Shanghai) Ms. Lu Wei, the application and project manager of the company, proposed an anti-corrosion strategy under the new regulations for wet wipes and mask products, and directly attacked the current hot issues of wet wipes/mask product safety. Unilever Global R & D Center (Shanghai) Wang Hongqiang, director of open innovation, shared Unilever's leading experience in the open innovation model. Ms. Xie Xiuhui, director of product strategy development of Guangzhou Planck Industrial Equipment Co. , Ltd. , discussed how the industry moves towards industry 4 on the current hot issue of 'intelligent manufacturing. 0. Standard technical services (Shanghai) Ms. Yang, R & D manager of SGS cosmetics and daily chemical products department of limited company, shared with us the latest regulatory trends. In addition, in the new technology release area, Mr. Liu Xiong, general manager of Guangzhou Huihao Paper Co. , Ltd. , also brought innovative solutions for release materials to the audience. Jung industrial media held the '12th session of the non-woven fabric technology innovation application summit' in Shanghai, Zhongshan Park Hotel opened the curtain every year of seminar in addition to in content aspects of innovation, we are all exploring innovation in the form of the meeting or the real value it brings. The seminar is not only an opportunity to learn and socialize, but also an excellent opportunity to build business cooperation. Therefore, at this year's seminar, we specially added a supply and demand matching service to allow designated customers and sponsors to negotiate in the supply and demand matching room at the designated time.
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