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2015 Asia Pacific Nonwoven Industry Forum

by:Sunshine     2020-05-09
The first Asia-Pacific Nonwoven Industry Forum is Bowen Ruisi Business Consulting (Beijing)Limited Company (RISI)-- Nonovens Markets publishers, and the World Textile Information Network (WTiN) -Non ovens Report International publisher, co-sponsored industry event. The meeting also won Linda and China Industrial Textile Industry Association (CNITA)Strong support. The first forum attracted more than 130 delegates from professional researchers and developers, as well as middle and senior managers in the nonwoven industry. Participants learned from the conference about the development and technology trends of the Asia-Pacific regional market, the challenges and opportunities faced by the Chinese regional market, and the potential of non-woven fabrics in the health and other high-growth application markets. The second Asia Pacific Nonwoven Industry Forum (APNS 2015)Will be May 11, 2015-It was held in Shanghai on the 12th. This Asia-Pacific Nonwoven Industry Forum will provide participants with the most cutting-edge technical information, the latest retail market consumption trends, market statistics and forecast reports; At the same time, we will also share with you the market-leading companies and hot issues leading the development of the current disposable sanitary products industry. Highlights of the meeting: 1. Opportunities to expand industry contacts: encourage you to communicate with your industry peers and share your experience and professional insights. 2. Listen to top industry experts to analyze hot topics on technological innovation and market opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market: 1. What are the driving factors for baby diapers? 2, the development trend of baby diaper quality outlook 3, diapers tend to be softer? 4. The Development Trend of the supply chain of disposable sanitary products market 5. New non-woven products that meet the needs of market development 6. China's adult diaper market-- Market Opportunity Analysis 7. Development trend of sanitary products absorbent products 8. What role does e-commerce shopping play in the development of China's sanitary products market? 9. Forecast of future sanitary products manufacturing equipment
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