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2018 non-woven fabric manufacturing industry development present situation and future trend analysis

by:Sunshine     2020-10-02
Non-woven fabric production technology different from the traditional textile technology, do not need to be in the process of textile spinning process, the textile technology is similar to the papermaking technology, also called nonwoven fabric. Its raw materials mainly from refining petroleum byproduct of - — Polyethylene and polypropylene plastic particles, after high temperature melting, spinning the short fibers or filament, the directional or random, adhesive made of flakes, fabric or batts, because do not need to textile but has the appearance of the cloth, and some performance and called non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabric in smoke less than when using thread, with environmental protection, breathe freely, qualitative light, moisture, durable and so on many characteristics in the modern sense, therefore widely used in disposable supplies, non-woven puzzles, hardcover flour bag, etc. Non-woven fabric manufacturing technology has been applied first in Europe and the United States, dating back to 1980 to guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang area in our country. At home, originally used to produce disposable face masks, shoe covers, working cap, etc. , products are mainly exported to overseas, for the labor market. Until the late 90 s, non-woven fabric manufacturing industry development climax. Since then, after years of exploration and development, to the medical, engineering, and other fields and rapid development of nonwoven industry, the industry overall smooth operation, production and sales growth is rising steadily, some Chinese nonwoven enterprise and products have strong competitiveness in the world. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, 2010 - Non-woven industry in China, 2016 gross industrial output value showed a trend of sustained growth, but growth has slowed over the last two years. In 2016, non-woven industry achieve gross industrial output value of 1463. 6. 5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 0. 41%. In terms of production, 2010 - In 2016, production of non-woven fabric also sustain the rise in our country. In 2016, China's production of non-woven fabric is about 4. 11 million tons. At the same time, in the process of development, non-woven fabric manufacturing industry also formed five characteristics: look from the region, regional development imbalances; From the point of technology, all kinds of method level range; From the product varieties, single variety, repetitive construction seriously; From the point of the quality of the product, quality improvement; From the product processing capacity, the overall level is relatively weak. Non-woven fabric manufacturing industry the future trend in the first place, industry development space is large. On the one hand, China's rapid economic development, increasing residents' income, the demand for non-woven industry has not been fully released, such as sanitary napkin and baby diapers market is very broad, demand in hundreds of thousands of tons per year, extensive use of hot rolling cloth, SMS fabric and airflow into the net cloth, filter material, insulation cloth, cloth of geotextile and medical market are great, and will be bigger and bigger. On the other hand, China's per capita nonwovens ownership is only 2. 97 kg, and the national textile fiber per head of 26. 89 kilograms, visible nonwovens still have larger development space. Second, in the next non-woven industry concentration will be more obvious. New capacity is more likely to focus on the existing production capacity in the area, such as shandong, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu and other places. These regions have begun to take shape, and can consciously abide by the pollutant emission regulations of the state enterprises, saving the cost of the national supervisory management, so the strong stronger 'Matthew effect' in the industry will be more obvious. Third, the nonwovens industry transformation is imperative. With the constantly emerging of new technology, the function of non-woven fabric was perfected constantly, the future development of non-woven fabric from the other areas such as new industrial, auto constantly infiltration; At the same time, backward, old equipment, the production function, differentiation and diversification of world first-class nonwoven products, and into the depth of the production, the product deep processing, the formation of product diversification, to adapt to the demand of the market. Taken together, the current non-woven fabrics in the domestic market gradually become a new industry. Despite the non-woven fabric production in China has been rapid development, but the economy is still growing, people's increasing demand, non-woven fabric manufacturing enterprises should develop more broader market, developed technology equipped with first-class equipment, to produce more high quality, high standard, high grade products, non-woven industry further development. Forward-looking industry research institute predicted that the next five years, non-woven fabric production capacity will continue to maintain 6% 10% growth, to 2023 non-woven production will be more than 6. 8 million tons per year.
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