3 reasons for the continuous growth of non-woven fabrics in the automotive field

by:Sunshine     2021-03-02
Author: Date: 2020-01-06 07:38:46 Hits: 262 recently published an article on 'Nonwovens Industry' magazine, covering nonwovens how to substitute other materials in automotive applications. The car has existed for a hundred years. Why does nonwovens continue to occupy a place in this market? EDANA pointed out that there are currently more than 40 non-woven components in automotive applications. We know that non-woven fabrics are lightweight, flexible and durable, but these are some other reasons why non-woven fabrics continue to occupy a place in the automotive field. 1. The use of non-woven materials is more 'environmentally friendly'. According to the EDANA infographic, a car that uses nonwoven materials in all possible components has a 30% reduction in environmental impact due to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. From government groups and leaders to individuals, concerns about the environment continue to grow. Children are promoted to 'green thinking'. It can be inferred that due to environmental concerns and/or restrictions, future automobiles will use more non-woven fabrics in their parts. 2. They look great! When you design the softness, strength, and flexibility of the fabric from start to finish, you sometimes forget that you can design beautifully. Nonwoven fabric manufacturers can add features such as stain resistance and even smoother appearance. 3. They keep peace. Gone are the days of car enthusiasts shouting hoarse to travel partners in their seats along the road. Today's 'automobiles' want to drive quietly and reduce road noise. Automobile non-woven fabrics are used in the roof lining, instrument panel, engine and door panels to increase the sound insulation effect and keep quiet, thereby making the cab comfortable. There are many reasons to use non-woven fabrics in automotive applications; this is why there are 40 ingredients used in non-woven fabrics. With the passage of time and the continuous advancement of technology, it is reasonable to believe that more and more non-woven fabrics will enter engine compartments and car cabs all over the world. Related tags: Previous: Non-woven material won the first place in the New York City Marathon
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