3 steps to choose the right non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2021-03-02
Author: Date: 2020-01-04 07:35:52 Hits: 867 non-woven fabric type you choose is critical for end-use products. Before we take any steps to choose the right fabric, we must start with the following suggestions: Contact your non-woven fabric manufacturer. When problems arise, they will have the experience, technical knowledge and information needed to help you make better choices for your products. However, before talking to your non-woven fabric manufacturer, you can certainly prepare yourself some basic information about choosing the right fabric. Step 1: Determine the physical properties of the non-woven fabric. Your product may need to be flame retardant. Or you may need to add a solvent or emulsion to it. You may need to make it softer or thicker or stronger. Create a wish list of all the characteristics you want to have in the non-woven fabric. Then, consult your manufacturer to find out which features can be integrated into the fabric. Step 2: Consider that the optical fiber non-woven products to be used can be produced from synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Depending on the end use application and the process to be used (see step 3), the selected fiber will determine many of the final properties of the nonwoven fabric. Synthetic fibers include polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene and rayon viscose fibers. The main natural fiber used in nonwovens is cotton. Step 3: Determine the process of manufacturing the product. First, you need to choose melt blown, chemical bond or hot spot bond. The process you use will help determine the final characteristics of the product. For example, the meltblown process is commonly used to make textured wipes, while many automotive nonwovens and health products use chemical bonding. Similarly, your nonwoven fabric manufacturer can help you determine the correct process to use based on the physical properties of your fabric. Related tags: Previous: SMS, SMMS, enhanced surgical gown, disposable surgical gown, Smms gown, SFS surgical gown
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