( A special medical non-woven applications - Medical non-woven tape]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-18
Medical non-woven fabric, as you know, the medical non-woven tape have heard of it? Give you a brief introduction of medical non-woven tape today. Medical non-woven tape: 1, permeability is good performance in use process can not influence the normal function of suction of the skin. 2, moderate viscosity: paste fixed reliable, tore jie does not hurt the skin, hair. 3, low allergenic: do not stimulate the skin, no itching adverse reaction symptoms. Medical non-woven tape product use fixed 1, intravenous needles. 2, medical drainage tube and needle fixed. 3, various dressings paste. Note 1 medical non-woven fabric tape, packing damage do not use. 2, the wounds were liquid or drainage, case bleeding does not stop paste directly on the wound for the role of body fluid. 3, this product is the disposable use, may not be repeated use, destroyed in a timely manner after use. 4, stored under the clean dry, ventilation and moisture proof. Medical non-woven tape instructions 1, before using the skin thoroughly clean detoxification, and make the skin dry. 2, the adhesive tape in the absence of tension, since the center to apply. 3, such as choosing different types of products paste in dressing, in order to ensure the adhesive tape to paste, should be along the edge of dressing paste skin part at least more than 2 cm. In dongyang, zhejiang province, have a professional high-quality medical non-woven fabric manufacturer - Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. , lai chi was founded in 2015, annual output of more than 4000 square meters medical non-woven production line.
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