Acupuncture non-woven fabric and spunlaced non-woven fabric of the difference

by:Sunshine     2019-11-30
Are you looking for: Cotton non-woven fabric passenger drop plastic non-woven fabric passenger point plastic non-woven fabric passenger spinning needle-punched non-woven fabric and spunlaced non-woven fabric what is the difference? Acupuncture non-woven fabric, spunlaced non-woven fabric are belongs to non-woven fabric (Also known as non-woven fabric) , Two of the dry/mechanical reinforcement in non-woven fabrics. As the name implies, the biggest difference in technology between the two is that the reinforcement is mechanical needle reinforcement and the mechanical high-pressure water needle reinforcement. The difference in technology directly makes the function of the finished product different. The weight of needle-punched non-woven fabrics is generally higher than that of spunlaced non-woven fabrics. Spunlaced non-woven fabrics are more expensive, the cloth surface is more delicate, and the production process is cleaner than acupuncture. Health care/hygiene/beauty is widely used. Acupuncture raw materials are more extensive than Spurs, with many varieties, filter materials */felt materials/geotextile, etc. The difference between acupuncture and Spurs: Acupuncture is generally thicker, the gram weight is generally more than 80 grams, the fiber is thicker, the hand feels rough, and the surface has small pinholes. The weight of spunlaced cloth is usually less than 80g, and the special weight is 120-250 grams, but very few. The spunlaced cloth feels more delicate, and the surface has a small strip of spunlaced lines.
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