Agricultural with non-woven fabric is what material agricultural non-woven fabric use

by:Sunshine     2020-04-28
What is the material of non-woven fabrics for agriculture? Agricultural non-woven fabric use; There are many kinds of woven fabrics, and agricultural non-woven fabrics belong to one of them. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are also divided into many categories. Next, we will explain the characteristics of the following agricultural non-woven fabrics. Seedling raising cloth is an agricultural non-woven fabric used for planting rice and other crops. The use of seedling cloth greatly saves labor, shortens production cycle and improves rice yield. The seedlings covered with non-woven fabrics not only have the advantages of convenient operation and management, but also can improve the climatic conditions in the seedling shed and create a good ecological environment for the growth and development of rice seedlings, it can improve the emergence rate and seedling quality, save energy and heat preservation, breathable, light weight, soft, practical, durable, long service life, washable, and has good physical and chemical properties.
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