American of non-woven fabric import and export surge

by:Sunshine     2019-12-19
According to the latest data from the American non-woven fabric industry association, the export volume of non-woven fabrics in the United States last year was 19. 840 thousand tons, up over the previous year. 9%, with an export value of 9. US $35. 4 billion, up from the previous year. 1%; Last year American non-woven fabric coil imports for 13. 880 thousand tons, up over the previous year. 1%, with an import volume of 5. US $4. 7 billion, up over the previous year. 9%. As the increase in import volume is higher than the increase in export volume, the US non-woven fabric export surplus has further decreased. If this trend continues, US non-woven fabrics will have an export deficit in a few years.
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