Analysis on the current development of PVC wallpaper

by:Sunshine     2020-01-15
After the industry standard of non-woven wallpaper, industry leaders suggested that the industry standard of non-woven wallpaper should focus on improving product marks and physical properties. So, what is the current development prospect of PVC wallpaper divided into markets with non-woven wallpaper and what needs to be improved in the industry standard? The amount of formaldehyde released from PVC wallpaper does not exceed the standard and there is no environmental protection problem. In the consumption survey of Sohu Focus Home Reporter, many consumers are worried about the environmental protection problem of wallpaper products. What material is PVC? PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) It is a general-purpose synthetic resin, which is mainly divided into suspension method and emulsion method according to its polymerization process. The suspension method is suitable for industrial fields such as pipes and furniture because of its strong characteristics, while the products using emulsion method are mainly children's toys, blood transfusion bags, gloves, etc. The wallpaper product uses the emulsion method, and its environmental safety performance is more prominent. Sun Lifu, chairman of Guilin weimai wallpaper Co. , Ltd. , introduced the environmental protection performance of PVC wallpaper with the current situation in Europe and Japan as an example. 'In some product areas, Today in Europe is the future of China's development. 70% of wallpaper products in Europe are PVC wallpaper, and the usage rate in Japan also accounts for a high share. This can be an important reference for PVC wallpaper without environmental protection problems. 'Li Ruifeng, technical director of Beijing tepuli decorative binding Materials Co. , Ltd, said:' Now when it comes to environmental protection, more people are worried about formaldehyde, however, the current formaldehyde emission of wallpaper products has been strictly stipulated by national standards, and the formaldehyde content of wallpaper products in regular enterprises will not exceed the standard, especially PVC wallpaper has less formaldehyde content than non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper. As for the environmental protection considerations of wall paper adhesive, five years ago, the state also clearly stipulated that the use of 107 and 108 adhesive should be prohibited, so brand wall paper adhesive with good quality will not have environmental protection problems. 'PVC wallpaper standard should be improved in external dimensions and quality standards. At present, PVC wallpaper is applicable to the national standard QB/T3805 promulgated in 1999- 1999 'polyvinyl chloride wallpaper', although the indicators inside are comprehensive and objective, but with the passage of time, the PVC national standard still needs to be improved. Li Ruifeng pointed out that this year's national environmental protection standards will be introduced, which will provide better protection for regulating the wallpaper market. Sun Lifu also believes that the new environmental protection national standard has made new amendments to heavy metal content, toxic and harmful gases, ink and so on, and the environmental protection performance of wallpaper has been better controlled. In addition to environmental performance, industry insiders suggest that PVC wallpaper industry standards should put forward higher requirements in terms of external dimensions, physical properties, quality standards, etc. In particular, the current family residence is 2. 8 m and 2. 6 m, slightly lower than the previous floor height, which requires a moderate relaxation of the size of the wallpaper. However, some quality standards should also be replaced by instruments at present, so as to ensure the authority and scientificity of industry standards. Although the market share of non-woven wallpaper in the home improvement market has become higher and higher in recent years, PVC wallpaper still has its own market. According to Li Ruifeng, 'wallpaper with non-woven as its base and PVC as its decorative surface is beginning to be favored by the market. Non-woven wallpaper has the advantages of good ventilation and environmental protection, but it is slightly inferior to PVC wallpaper in wear resistance and other properties. Therefore, most of the bedrooms use non-woven wallpaper, while PVC wallpaper is suitable for living rooms and corridors. 'Of course, non-woven wallpaper will not launch a historical stage and will continue to be respected. Weimai company is an enterprise that introduced non-woven base wallpaper earlier in China. Sun Lifu mentioned: 'The advantages of high adhesion, softness and expansion rate of copy paper gene are widely used. For a long time, non-woven substrates and finished products will continue to show an upward trend. '(Jiuzheng Building Materials Network)
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