And Zhonghe fiber is not light in the off-season products differentiated customers high-end

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
Generally speaking, the high temperature season is the off-season of the year for textile enterprises, but the non-woven Star Enterprise 'hezhonghe fiber' located in Xialu town is booming in production and sales, and the off-season is not weak. In the first half of this year, the company's sales reached 2. More than 0. 3 billion yuan, up from last year. 44%. Recently, the reporter walked into the factory and several container trucks were loading goods for export to Japan. The company sells more than 500 tons of non-woven fabrics for making high-grade facial masks or wet tissues in Japan every month. Since this year, it has sold more than 3000 tons in total, and the order has reached the end of September. 'Japan's market is the high-end market we want to seize, accounting for more than of the company's sales. 'The person in charge of the company said. According to reports, the company currently has four spunlaced non-woven fabric production lines. In order to ensure the stability of sales, the company has made clear the product positioning of each production line, so as to differentiate the products and make the product structure of the production line reasonably match the sales market. In view of the good sales situation that the Japanese market is in short supply at present, the company has introduced another non-woven fabric production line this year and is now speeding up the installation. This is the company's 5th spunlaced non-woven fabric production line. The product positioning of this production line is different, mainly used for the production of Japanese non-woven fabric orders, and the products are used for high-end medical and health products such as thin baby wipes.
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