Anhui Lu 'an successfully used non-woven fabrics to raise seedlings for late rice

by:Sunshine     2020-04-22
Chunquan agricultural machinery cooperative, Jin 'an district, Lu 'an city, Anhui province, has a planting area of 600 mu for late rice machines this year. Under careful guidance from the District Agricultural Machinery promotion station and suburban agricultural machinery station, it has been successful in raising seedlings with non-woven fabrics for the first time. According to reports, the use of non-woven fabrics has the following advantages: first, the coverage is simple, as long as the non-woven fabric is covered on the seedling tray, it can be compacted around; Second, the non-woven fabric has certain heat preservation and is easy to emerge and tidy; Third, non-woven fabrics have good water permeability and are convenient to replenish water; Fourth, non-woven fabrics have good air permeability and light transmission, can fully meet the temperature, humidity and light necessary for sleeping to raise seedlings, and promote balanced growth of seedlings, it can easily cultivate neat and disease-free robust seedlings.
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