Annual output of 3000 tons of two-component composite spunbonded method non-woven fabric production line development success

by:Sunshine     2020-04-20
Recently, Pacific Electromechanical Group Shanghai Pacific Textile machinery complete Equipment Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai textile science research institute signed a technical cooperation agreement to jointly develop an annual production line of 3000 tons of two-component composite spunbond non-woven spinning machine. The production line has reached the international advanced level and laid the foundation for the differentiated development of China's spunbond method. The main equipment of the production line is: the spinning components are top-mounted five-layer stacked plates, each component has four independent wire spraying areas, each with 110 holes in each wire spraying area, the whole machine has 24 spinning components in double rows and 96 bundles in double rows. The main and auxiliary spinning boxes are two pairs and one main and three box spinning boxes. The two-component melt enters the two-component spinning box respectively, and the two-component melt in the main box is accurately measured by the metering pump and flows into the component. The two-component melt is mixed in the component and then sprayed to form a two-component silk bundle. The main and auxiliary boxes are heated by two sets of thermal media systems. 12 spinning components are installed in the box, and each of the two components is measured by 12 metering pumps. Two spinning boxes of the whole machine are arranged face to face in front of and behind. The winding window of the beam cooling device is 3420mm long and 1950mm high, and the effective winding area is 3. 63 m², air volume is 0. 968 m²/sec. The main structure of the equipment is rectangular steel pipe frame structure, which is compact and simple; It is mainly composed of diffusion chamber, air volume regulating device, air inlet pipe, rectifier device, waste wire suction device, single suction device and other components. The length of the spray wire tube of the airflow pull-up device is 1400mm, and the negative pressure required for drafting is formed in the negative pressure zone through the straight-in compressed air; The inlet pressure and wire spraying speed are adjusted according to the requirements of the spun products. The pendulum mechanism of the pendulum device evenly and crosses the bundle into a cloth surface through its high-speed reciprocating motion. The reciprocating range of swing wire is 270 times/min ~ 1800 times/minute. The width of the mesh forming machine is 3700mm, the effective working range is 3600mm, and the weight of the fiber mesh is 16 ~ 160 g/m. The structure of the equipment is mainly a frame structure formed by welding H-shaped steel; The transmission roller power roller consists of 20 seamless steel pipes; The mechanical speed is 8 ~ 90 m/s; The electronic control part is equipped with emergency stop function; The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. In addition, the machine is equipped with pneumatic control automatic correction device to prevent the conveying curtain from moving and slanting; The preheating roller is sealed with heat transfer oil and electric heating wire heating guide roller, which has the characteristics of simple structure and uniform roller surface temperature. The two-roll hot rolling mill is located between the combined mesh forming machine and the winding machine. The stretched wire strips are laid by the pendulum wire to form a fiber mesh on the mesh forming machine, and the fiber mesh is transported to the hot-rolled adhesive synthetic cloth of the machine. The machine consists of hot rolling mill rack and chassis, hot rolling mill transmission, oil hot rolling roller, flower roller, cooling roller, hydraulic system, lubrication system, oil heating furnace, etc. The machine width of the slitting machine is 3500mm, and the effective working range is 3400mm; The processing quantity is 30 ~ 150 g/m hot air, hot rolled spunlaced non-woven fabric; The minimum slitting width is shear type 50mm; End flatness ≤±1mm; The diameter of the raw material roll is 1000mm; The diameter of the finished roll is 1000mm. The equipment structure consists of wallboard and frame type; The Rewinding roller consists of a steel roller, a tape roller and a rubber roller; The slitting cloth is equipped with automatic tension control and adjustment device with width error ≤±1mm; Hydraulic feeding, air lifting shaft positioning, center unwinding, safety clamp plate fixing; Pneumatic unloading, air lifting shaft positioning; The mechanical speed is 0 ~ 200 m/s; The electronic control part is equipped with emergency stop function and keeps the tension unchanged; The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and is equipped with automatic deviation correction device. (China teachers' daily)
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