Any export certifications on laminated non woven fabric manufacturer ?
Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd non woven fabric manufacturer has got the necessary export certifications since it was launched. These government documents may be required in a few countries (mainly developing countries). They grant us the right to export a specific quantity of a commodity to a specified country. The lack of legal export certifications could result in confiscated items, fines, and prosecution. Holding the correct paperwork will help prevent transport and processing delays and allow goods to be taken through customs efficiently. Please rest assured that all our products have been granted to the legal export certifications and we can provide relevant supporting documentation for customers.

In virtue of strong developing and manufacturing capabilities, Sunshine is gradually dominating the fire retardant material market in China. Sunshine's main products include perforated non woven fabric series. The main frame of Sunshine non woven printing has been tested over and over again in terms of dimensions, lengths, and heights as well as angles, type, number and span of frames. Its fibers are evenly distributed by thermocompression bonding. The product features low temperature rising, which ensures that the longtime lighting will not bring heat-caused security problem. Being free from static generation, it can be used for protection of electrostatic sensitive devices.

We act responsibly to the environment. We will try to upgrade the industrial structure to achieve a balance between business development and environmental friendliness.
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