Application range of cotton needle-punched non-woven fabric:

by:Sunshine     2020-04-28
Cotton needle-punched non-woven fabrics are widely used, mainly used in: 1 medical and health products: disposable surgical dressing, disinfectant wipes, wound dressing, soluble hemostatic gauze, drug paste, hemostatic wound healing dressing, bandage, gauze ball, liquid absorption pad, gauze sheet, surgical hole towel, surgical gown, surgical cap, surgical curtain, isolation clothing, hospital supplies, masks, masks, nose covers, trauma care, etc, as well as super filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, artificial human organs, surgical suture and other new polymer medical hygiene materials; 2 dry and wet tarpaulin, including disposable wet products, catering wipes, cosmetic wet products, disinfection medical tarpaulin, screen tarpaulin, household tarpaulin, baby tarpaulin, car tarpaulin, applicable to the house cleaning industry, printing industry, paint industry and other industrial tarpaulins, etc; 3 household hygiene products, including cotton pads, masks, sanitary napkins, pads, baby and adult diapers, health underwear, deodorant socks, environmental bags, tablecloths, disposable toiletries, travel hygiene products, etc; 4 It has flame retardant, antibacterial, water-resistant, antistatic, water-soluble functional spunlace cloth, which can penetrate into medical protective clothing, military anti-chemical clothing, electronics, filtration, packaging and other fields, play the role of waterproof and moisture permeability, bacterial isolation, biochemical filtration, etc; ⑤ Synthetic leather base cloth, coated base cloth, household decoration, clothing accessories, etc. ◇ Advantages of cotton needle-punched non-woven fabrics such as cotton face towels, napkins, soft towel rolls, cotton soft towels, etc. : 1)Ventilation; 2)Filtration; 3)Insulation; 4)Water absorption; 5)Water resistance; 6)Scalability; 7)Not unkempt; 8)Feel good, soft; 9)Light; 10)Flexible, recoverable; 11)No direction of cloth; 12) Compared with tarpaulin, it has high productivity and fast production speed; 13)Low price, mass production.
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