Asahi Chemical fiber development special engineering non-woven fabric

by:Sunshine     2020-02-21
Global Textile network, June 3-Asahi Chemical Fiber has developed long fiber non-woven fabrics made of special engineering plastics. Since it was already in the fiber Apex Technology Center in March this year (Shoushan city, Shiga County) The development of semi-factory equipment has been completed, so PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) For the preliminary market work of raw materials, other polymer products are also put into development according to market requirements. The non-woven fabric is April 2005 as an President directly responsible for of FNB (Non-woven new business) The project was developed in the pilot plant. Due to the success of high-speed spinning technology and microfiber technology, the production of non-adhesive resin and high uniformity non-woven fabrics became possible. Moreover, the use of special engineering plastics for raw materials gives the functionality and possibility that non-woven fabrics could not hold in the past. The non-woven fabric made of PPS polymer, which is the first market work, has the characteristics of heat resistance, drug resistance and flame retardancy, it can be applied to heat-resistant filters, condenser and battery materials such as bag filters, gas filters, liquid filters, etc. The annual output scale of semi-factory equipment is several hundred tons, the working width is more than 1 m, and the target payment is 10- 200g/m2, mainly used for trial production of user evaluation products. The product name has not yet been decided, but plans to bring it to market together with Eltas, precision and Smash as their own brands.
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