Automotive Textiles: a wealth door waiting for you to knock

by:Sunshine     2019-12-08
The automotive era is accelerating development, which has brought broad market prospects for automotive textiles. Domestic automotive textiles can only meet 50% of the demand for domestic automotive industry, and the rest rely on imports. A few companies in Shaoxing county have begun to develop and produce textile accessories in the car, and have tasted the sweetness. However, the production of automotive textiles has a large investment, and the requirements for creativity and environmental protection are also high. The relevant supporting enterprises in Shaoxing county are not complete. To truly develop on a large scale, the government and enterprises still have a lot of work to do. The 'Meisheng cloth industry' in Qian Qing began to independently develop automotive textile fabrics in the past few years, and successfully developed special suede. This product has excellent quality and environmental performance, it was favored by 'BYD' and other well-known automobile brand companies and successfully entered the automobile cloth market, establishing cooperation with many brand automobile manufacturers. In recent years, the company has developed non-woven fabrics for vehicles, providing interior decorative cloth products for domestic and foreign brand cars. It is understood that in recent years, Shaoxing's automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for automotive textiles has been growing, especially for environmentally friendly and functional interior textiles. Industry insiders predict that an ordinary medium-sized car uses about 20 kilograms of textiles. However, at present, domestic automotive textiles can only meet 50% of the demand for supporting domestic automotive industry, while the rest rely on imports. The development of domestic automotive textile industry has a lot of room for a long period of time. At present, although some enterprises in Shaoxing county have begun to engage in research and development and production of automotive textiles. Car textiles independently developed by 'global fabric' like Yang xunqiao are very popular with customers and their market share is getting bigger and bigger. However, there are no enterprises specializing in the production of automotive textiles. The huge market for automotive textiles, why is the 'cake' very fragrant, but it is difficult to impress the hearts of Shaoxing enterprises? The two leaders of 'Zhuang Jie non-woven' and 'He Zhong He Xian' in Xialu town told reporters that the equipment needed to produce automotive textiles is a needle-punched non-woven fabric production line, while Xialu town has large-scale non-woven fabric production equipment, however, they are all spunlaced production lines, mainly producing sanitary products. The investment in non-woven fabric equipment for production vehicles is very large, and there must be corresponding supporting finishing enterprises. At present, there are no such supporting finishing enterprises and corresponding testing institutions in Shaoxing. Therefore, climate and scale cannot be formed. During the interview, many bosses of textile enterprises told reporters that there are about 40 kinds of automotive interior textiles, including automotive interior materials, filter materials, filling and isolation materials, etc, it is mainly used in floor mats, door interior decorative panels, roof substrates, gasoline filters, carpets, chairs, etc. Automotive Textiles are mainly warp knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics, with large demand and high added value. Everyone believes that Shaoxing County textile enterprises have the foundation and ability to develop and produce automotive textiles. As an important textile production base in China, Shaoxing County textile enterprises should have 'crab eaters' because it is a huge domestic market and can effectively promote industrial upgrading. The domestic automotive interior textile industry has great opportunities, but it also faces challenges. Automotive interior textiles need to be more integrated with independent innovation elements, it is necessary to strengthen the research on raw material characteristics requirements, weaving, dyeing and finishing, compounding, additives and fabric styles and characteristics, and pay more attention to eco-environmental protection. (Shaoxing County newspaper)
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