Avoid matching troubles Yulan Joker non-woven wallpaper 【Figure]

by:Sunshine     2019-12-15
Want to make your little home look different at first glance? A special wallpaper can do it. Nowadays, wallpaper has become an indispensable part of home decoration, but for consumers who don't know much about matching, how to buy wallpaper suitable for their home style is indeed a difficult task. In fact, there is a wallpaper called Wild models that you can try, no need to worry about matching. Today Xiaobian will introduce you to a wild wallpaper Yulan non-woven wallpaper NVP247302, this wallpaper uses Belgian imported copy paper base. Material non-woven fabric pattern home improvement style Joker craft suede pearlescent/embossed origin domestic specifications 0. 53*10m model nvp247302 reference price 139 unit volume based on Peacock, an abstract pattern of peacock wings blooming is designed to blend peacock feather elements with wallpaper. The lines are soft and beautiful, and the style is simple and versatile, which can help you avoid the troubles. It is suitable for living room, bedroom and study. Because of its simple pattern, it will not have complicated feeling or visual fatigue. Yulan NVP247302 uses Belgian imported non-woven paper base, with high fiber density and fine density, so the wallpaper has better toughness and is more durable. Non-woven wallpaper also has good environmental protection performance and strong air permeability, which can effectively avoid mildew and yellowing of wallpaper. The wallpaper surface layer adopts three-dimensional flocking technology, which increases the texture of the wallpaper and obtains a special visual effect completely different from the paper product. The stereoscopic impression is also better than the general wallpaper. Pearlescent Mica effect makes the wallpaper produce natural pearl-like soft color, increases the beauty of the wallpaper, and makes the pattern of the wallpaper more natural and flexible. The circular net synchronous printing process allows the pattern to be formed at one time without any smudge, and the texture is clear and natural. Yulan NVP247302 has four colors to choose from, elegant beige, classic beige, solemn purple and fresh light green. Each color can be matched with a variety of styles of home space. Other color matching effects: Summary: Yulan NVP247302 perfectly expresses peacock feather hair with modern materials, and the simple style is suitable for matching various home spaces. Belgium's imported copy paper base ensures the environmental protection performance of the product and also has the characteristics of strong air permeability. Wallpaper will not be moldy or yellow. Pearlescent Mica and three-dimensional flocking process increase the beauty of wallpaper and create a higher quality home space. (Text/Sohu Focus home Rainbow)
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