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Bangladesh to cut import tariffs on non-woven fabrics by 20%

by:Sunshine     2020-04-23
In order to greatly promote Bangladesh's garment industry, Bangladesh's finance minister Abu Abdul mucht (AbulMaalAbdul)Announced, 2013- The 14-year budget will cut import tariffs on non-woven fabrics by 20%. However, the budget does not allocate new funds to the clothing industry, which is re-established in a safer cluster. As more than 1100 people were killed due to the collapse of buildings in frog square, industry insiders hope that the minister will allocate a large amount of funds to solve workplace safety problems. Instead, the minister gave only one guarantee that the government would work with stakeholders to take all possible steps. 'In order to prevent another incident similar to frog square in the future, we promise to take all possible measures,' said Bangladeshi congressman mucht, work with all stakeholders to improve the working conditions and safety standards of the plant. 'In the fiscal year ending on June 30, Bangladesh's GDP growth rate is likely to be around 6%, down to 2009-The lowest level since 10 years. This budget aims to bring 2013-The growth rate in 14 years pulled back to 7. The 2% track will increase spending by 16% next year. 22 trillion taka.
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