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Big business opportunities for wet nonwoven development

by:Sunshine     2020-06-07
Zhejiang paper research institute originally had a wet nonwoven equipment modified by paper machine. In this year and two years, it imported a inclined mesh wet nonwoven equipment, with a new increase in production capacity. It is said that the main product direction of the Institute's wet nonwoven is to develop battery separators, which requires post-processing of the produced wet nonwoven, and the products have high added value, it is said that the current annual production value is about 30 million yuan. The products mainly supply mobile phone batteries and other applications. Zhejiang Xinhua Paper Group Co. , Ltd. is the most important factory of wet nonwoven in China. In addition to the varieties developed in the past, such as tea filter bags and typing wax paper, it has focused on developing high value-added products such as automobile filtration in recent years. In addition to the general pulp fiber, the raw materials used are also made of Manila, mulberry fiber, glass fiber and other raw materials. Due to the fine structure of wet nonwoven, the filtration efficiency is high, it has the irreplaceable function of other non-woven fabrics. Lu xian nonwoven Company, a subsidiary of Xinhua Paper Group Co. , Ltd. , mainly produces spunlaced nonwoven products. Due to the excessive domestic sales of spunlaced products in recent years, domestic competition is fierce, prices are declining, and profit margins are getting smaller and smaller, in response to this situation, Lu Xian decided not to expand the production capacity of Spurs in the near future. Xinhua Group's investment in non-woven fabrics has been concentrated on strengthening wet non-woven fabrics in the past two years. Wet non-woven fabrics are similar to the paper industry and are the strengths of Xinhua group. Their development efforts in wet nonwoven have enabled it to continuously develop new products in this field, and its benefits are also increasing. Source: Industry Association
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