Can non-woven masks prevent smog? Advantages of non-woven masks

by:Sunshine     2020-04-15
Can non-woven masks prevent smog? The advantages of non-woven masks are in winter and often in foggy days. You will see everyone wearing masks when you walk in the street. Therefore, masks have become standard for everyone to travel in foggy days. However, there are various kinds of masks on the market, and many things are not understood by consumers. So, can non-woven masks prevent smog? What are the advantages of non-woven masks? Let's take a look at it. Can non-woven masks prevent smog, the most common medical disposable three-layer non-woven masks. Many people think that since it is medical, it can definitely prevent PM2. 5 and chose it. As for whether it is really effective or not, it needs to be tested. Two N95 masks of 3 M, fortunately 1860 and 8210 v. . I believe everyone is familiar with it through recent publicity. The protection of N95 is also quite reliable. As a professional protective mask, block PM2. Of course, it is not a problem. However, there are still some misunderstandings in use. However, what is N95 is still unclear to everyone. It is popularized here. When choosing a mask, the higher the choice level, the better! ! ! The higher the level, the greater the breathing resistance, the more difficult it is to breathe. N95 of 0. The barrier rate of 3 micron particles is over 95%, and for our daily protection PM2. 5 is still just applicable. As for R and P, they are not very useful to us. If they are at a higher level, they will not be used to the common people at all. For the above standards, you will find that ordinary medical masks and daily masks are for PM2. There will be some filtration, but it is like screening sand with a large screen. Although some of it has been screened out, most of it still enters our body through masks. Because the mask aperture is too large, and PM2. 5 particles are too small. The design of medical masks is mainly antibacterial and anti-foam, and it is not considered to resist tiny particles. In daily medical treatment, anti-killing intervention treatment for infectious diseases such as SARS and bird flu, because the viruses are relatively small, medical masks do not play an isolation role. In addition to wearing protective clothing, N95 masks are also necessary. What are the advantages of non-woven masks? There are two kinds of non-woven masks. One is made of pure cotton skim gauze or knitted fabric, and the middle is sandwiched with various non-woven fabrics; The other is directly made of non-woven fabrics. Now the latest variety is that the surface and the back are non-woven materials, and a layer of filter paper is sandwiched in the middle, so that the filtering effect of non-woven masks can be improved. What are the advantages of non-woven masks? The reason why non-woven masks are favored by people is that they have the following advantages: good ventilation, non-woven fabrics are better than other fabrics, and if there is filter paper mixed in non-woven fabrics, its filtering will be better; At the same time, the insulation of non-woven mask is higher than that of ordinary mask, and its water absorption and water resistance are good; In addition, the non-woven mask has good elasticity, even if it is stretched left and right, there will be no unkempt phenomenon. It feels good and very soft. Even if it is cleaned many times, it will not harden in the sun. The non-woven mask has great elasticity and can be restored to its original shape after long-term use. However, it also has certain shortcomings: compared with other tarpaulin masks, non-woven masks have poor strength and durability, and are not easy to clean. If they are not properly cared for at ordinary times, they are prone to tearing.
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