Cangnan non-woven bag development gradually deformity need specification

by:Sunshine     2020-05-30
Cangnan Longgang, qianku and other towns are the production bases of non-woven bags in the country. According to incomplete statistics, about 75% of non-woven bags in the country are produced in Cangnan area. However, in recent years, the development of non-woven bags has gradually become deformed and needs to be standardized. In the past few years, the non-woven bag production and processing industry in Cangnan area was highly recognized by customers all over the country, with reliable quality and reasonable price. However, after several years of disorderly and vicious competition, the non-woven bag industry in Cangnan has developed into synonymous with low prices in the last year or two. We interviewed Wu lianpiao, general manager of Cangnan Longgang Fangtian non-woven bag Co. , Ltd. , and his words hit the nail on the head: the non-woven bag industry has been abused. In the past few years, non-woven fabrics did not have any brand-new materials, general materials or coated materials, all of which were 100% brand-new granular materials, now that the competition is fierce, all manufacturers have tried their best to reduce the cost in order to have an advantage in price. They continue to mix recycled materials with stone powder into the fabric and the proportion is bigger and bigger, now the worst non-woven fabric can't be called the cloth. The tension is very poor, and it can't achieve the purpose of repeated use, as a result, non-woven bags are also disposable bags, which are not called environmental protection bags at all, but are more polluted than plastic bags. On the other hand, as the price competition becomes worse and worse, some bad manufacturers are still doing other things. Because the purchase of non-woven bags is generally customized in thousands, the large number gives them the opportunity to do things. The quantity is not accurate. Some customers purchase 10 thousand bags, while some manufacturers often only give more than nine thousand bags in the end. General manager Wu lianpiao of Fangtian non-woven bag Co. , Ltd. said that their company's business has declined sharply in recent years because of various reasons, but vicious competition in the industry is one of the larger factors. Although vicious competition brings some profits to some small enterprises, some large-scale enterprises often cannot adopt some bad means of small workshops, therefore, in terms of price, it is impossible to compete with some small business workshops in price. If the non-woven bag industry goes on like this, the non-woven bag industry in Cangnan will surely be surpassed by bases in other places such as Anhui, Hebei and Guangdong in year 35. Some of the larger customers and some foreign customers are now not convinced of Cangnan's non-woven bags. It is believed that the development of an industry needs an industry norm. If there is no norm, but everyone's vicious competition will hurt an industrial base, this requires the relevant departments to formulate some countermeasures. In the past, the non-woven bag industry in Cangnan may disappear, which greatly hurts the economy of an industrial base.
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