Centennial wallpaper osron appears in Guangzhou International Design Week feast

by:Sunshine     2020-01-16
Osron group, the world's leading brand of non-woven wallpaper substrate and a century-old enterprise from Finland, appeared in Guangzhou International Design Week 2014. December 5- On the 7th, during the exhibition, osron shared with everyone the development trend of wallpaper in 2015 and introduced revolutionary new products--Spray vertical stickers. In addition, osron also won the 2014 Asian soft fashion brand and 2014 designer recommendation brand. 'Asian soft clothing Trend Report 2015- 2016 'as the world's first enterprise to apply non-woven fabrics to wallpaper industry, osron, as the originator of non-woven fabrics in the world, Robin (Robin Guillaud) Osron's vice president of global marketing was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the compilation of the Asian soft clothing trend report, which shared the development trend of wallpaper design, patterns and materials in 2015. Robin and other editorial board in December 5 in design weeks, take part in the, Asia soft Trend Report 2015-2016 'release ceremony. Wallpaper Innovation Application Forum, packed in addition, Robin also brought a special lecture on wallpaper innovation application to the designers on the spot. From the perspective of technical application in design, this paper introduces the latest and most popular wallpaper substrate in Europe, and introduces a revolutionary wallpaper substrate-Spray vertical stickers. The digital murals printed with this material not only give users and designers more personalized space, but also bring infinite simplicity in construction. Only one spray kettle is needed for wallpaper pasting. After The Wall is sprayed with water to moisten the wall, the wallpaper can be spread out directly and spread out to the wall, which can be easily done. The launch of this product will further promote the Chinese DIY wallpaper market and will surely promote the healthier development of the Chinese wallpaper market. About oslong group and brand oslong Group, headquartered in Finland, was established in 1851 with 160 years of development history and decades of experience in filter material production, it is the world's top research and development and production enterprise of non-woven fabrics and special paper, and is famous for its production of high-performance non-woven fabrics and special paper. Its products are widely used in various fields of daily life, such as filter paper, medical non-woven fabrics, life science and diagnostic materials, wallpaper, and food packaging. Osron is the world's first company to introduce non-woven fabrics into the wallpaper industry, insisting on producing healthy, environmentally friendly and artistic non-woven fabrics. Known as 'breathing wallpaper' by the industry, it is the most popular new green environmental protection material in the world at present, harmless to human body and environment, and fully conforms to environmental protection and safety standards, therefore, it has been adopted by many of the world's top wallpaper companies. As of 2013, Ahlstrom (Osron) The group's net sales of various businesses totaled 1 billion euros, with 3500 employees in 24 countries. Oslong shares are listed on nasdaq omx Helsinki.
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