Changshu detected a batch of non-woven felt banned azo dyes seriously exceeded the standard

by:Sunshine     2020-04-21
Recently, Changshu inspection and quarantine bureau detected a batch of non-woven felt banned azo seriously exceeded the standard. This batch of non-woven felt exported to Egypt was produced by a company in Changshu city, totaling 3700 kilograms. In the safety project inspection of the batch of products, the bureau found that the samples could decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes. 4 '- Diaminodiphenylmethane 124 mg/kg, more than 6 times higher than the standard. The reason for the failure was that the company first produced and exported Egyptian products, and did not understand the relevant safety requirements, and the customer did not express it. At the same time, due to the low export order price of products, enterprises blindly pursue low prices when purchasing raw materials, and the black chemical fiber raw materials they purchase contain recycled wires that prohibit azo exceeding the standard, this directly leads to unqualified azo detection of export products. In order to increase the intensity of non-counterfeiting work and maintain the quality reputation of 'Made in China' in African countries, the inspection and quarantine department suggested that it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of safety regulations. Help enterprises fully understand the safety technical regulations at home and abroad, and run the requirements through procurement, production and quality control to ensure that the exported products meet the requirements of the importing country; Expand anti-counterfeiting information channels. Pay attention to obtaining information sources through existing bilateral inspection cooperation agreements, 12365 reporting platforms, centralized inspection areas and other means to improve anti-counterfeiting efforts; Strengthen the supervision of non-inspection. Severely crack down on illegal exports of counterfeit and shoddy goods to Africa and Arab countries.
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