Changshu Zhitang town has many foreign businessmen, and the town attracts non-textile businesses around the world

by:Sunshine     2020-04-21
Zhitang town is the east gate of Changshu. The population of this Jiangnan town is only over 70 thousand. However, with the continuous development of the non-woven industry in recent years, more and more foreigners are here. Walking in renyang Street, Zhitang town, I can meet foreigners from all over the world from time to time. They are all businessmen who come to purchase equipment. The boss of a local non-woven equipment Enterprise said: 'Changshu Merchants Mall is the national clothing market, and people go to wholesale clothing from all over the country; And our renyang non-woven equipment is the wholesale place of the global non-woven industry. As long as you want to open a non-woven fabric factory, the first thing people think of is Changshu, Jiangsu. 'The non-woven industry is a characteristic industry in Zhitang town and has a high reputation and reputation throughout the country. By the end of 2013, there were 296 non-woven enterprises in the town, with an annual output of more than 900 sets of various non-woven machinery and equipment and an annual output of more than 200 thousand tons of various non-woven fabrics, especially more than half of the production and sales of non-woven machinery in the country. In renyang, where non-woven enterprises are concentrated, parts shops related to non-woven equipment can be seen everywhere on the street. In Yingyang Road, non-woven parts shops are almost one after another. Xiao Cui, a new citizen, runs an accessory store, which is small and typical of a 'husband and wife store '. He told reporters that he was from Yancheng and began to work in the non-woven machinery industry after settling in Ren Yang, Changshu. He started working for others. Since 2009, he has set up a production line himself. He said: 'There are only a dozen workers in total. There are many workshops like me in renyang. The income is almost the same as that of urban white-collar workers, but it is much more free than that. 'The non-woven industry is called the emerging sunrise industry. Non-woven fabrics are widely used in both civil and industrial industries. Wang Weicheng, the boss of a local non-woven equipment factory, told reporters that he once went to Italy and bought a pair of leather shoes. He found that the bottom material was actually non-woven fabric. He said: 'This pair of shoes is 7000 or 8000 yuan, not leather, later, I learned that many leather shoes in Europe rely on non-woven materials to make base materials, because they have higher advantages in air permeability and softness. However, not all non-woven fabrics can be used to make leather shoes, and good equipment can produce materials that meet the requirements. Since last year, Wang Weicheng and Donghua University have developed and produced a nano-fiber production line, which can be widely used in many new fields such as artificial skin. He said: 'Now it is different from the beginning, more research and development investment is needed to grasp the broad global market. Li Meizhen, the Enterprise Service Center of Zhitang town, told reporters that compared with the past, local enterprises are now paying attention to scientific research and increasing investment in high technology. Li Meizhen said: 'In the past, products were exported to Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan by price advantage. At present, many enterprises in this town export to Europe and the United States. Like Dragon machinery, 70- 80% of the products are exported, and the export direction is oriented to developed regions such as the European Union and the United States. It can be seen that the products have gradually been recognized by them. '
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