Chemical Fiber non-woven fabrics are also polluted, and the plastic limit is a rat's eye?

by:Sunshine     2020-04-27
' When I packed up my home, I found out more than a dozen environmental protection bags, most of which were gifts from merchants'. Recently, some citizens have reported that the flooded gift environmental protection bags have now not played an environmental protection role. Experts warned that environmental protection bags made of chemical fiber non-woven fabrics are not environmentally friendly, and they have the same problem as plastic bags that are difficult to degrade at normal temperature. ZiziPlastic Limit Order' After the implementation, the merchants used the Environmental Protection bag as a magic weapon for promotion-buying food and beverages to give environmental protection bags; Buy magazines, pay mobile phone fees and give away environmental protection bags. . . . . . Although these environmental protection bags are easy to use, colorful and cute, they are also welcomed by many consumers. However, according to many citizens, since the Environmental Protection bags have been widely used, they have participated in activities, shopping, etc, you will get an environmental protection bag for free. At present, there are many kinds of environmental protection bags in the home. ' These environmental bags are all presented, and they are thrown away when they are old and broken. ' Consumers generally believe that the quality of gift bags is not very good, especially non-woven bags, which are much worse than non-woven fabrics, and some are not even as good as plastic bags and are not waterproof. Consumer Miss Liu said:' Non-woven bags are easy to crack from right angles. Environmental Protection bags are so easy to break. If they are often thrown away, can they still play an environmental protection role? ' According to experts, most of the Environmental Protection bags are non-woven bags now, and their raw materials are polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate, while the raw materials of plastic bags are polyethylene, polypropylene and polyethylene, which belong to plastic varieties that cannot be degraded for 50 years, polypropylene also releases harmful substances at high temperatures. Moreover, the weight and volume of non-woven bags are ten times higher than that of ordinary plastic bags. Some non-woven bags will also be added with small accessories such as buttons and sequins. These accessories cannot be recycled. Therefore, non-woven bags are actually more environmentally friendly than regular plastic bags that can be recycled and easily crushed. Employees of a non-woven fabric factory in Harbin told reporters that many companies and enterprises now use environmental protection bags as gifts for advertising. ' The Environmental Protection bag with a layer of pattern glue or color printing plastic film on the outside is not environmentally friendly. Moreover, the real cost of making environmental protection bags is much higher. ' In response, many citizens said,'Plastic Limit Order' There is no restriction on the use of plastic bags, and now there is a tendency for environmentally friendly bags that are not degradable. The public suggested that the relevant departments should clearly stipulate the quality of environmental protection bags and strictly enforce the law. In addition, experts warned that non-woven fabric raw materials themselves are also plastic products, which have been used in large quantities for a long time and the degradation process is slow. Their potential crisis is greater than that of plastic bags and may become another huge source of pollution after plastic bags.
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