China becomes EU's most important supplier of non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
【Global Textile textile network] In 2011 global non-woven fabric of yield growth. 5. In 7%, several distribution departments have created their final output in terms of tonnage and square meters, including baby diapers, medical care, personal care products, civil engineering, automobiles and agriculture, according to the European non-made cloth Association (EDANA)Statistics. The African non-made cloth Association showed in its annual statistical summary of 'output and delivery of non-woven fabrics in 2011' that the total delivery in 2011 reached 1897748 tons, 557. 0. 4 billion square meters. Among them, the output in Europe accounts for about 25%. In 2011 even if extension of speed low but still than 2010 rise the 10. In 9%, even under the economic crisis, the positive growth trend continued. Jacques, market analyst and economic affairs director of the European non-manufacturing cloth Association, said: 'Each production process clearly has its own unique trend, depending on the change of the market sector. Spinning and melting output increased by more than 2010 in 2011 and 9% for two consecutive years. In fiber products, the output of hot-melt non-woven fabrics has been quite stable in the past two years, and the output of spunlaced fabrics has recovered to the maximum. Although the EU's trade inflow and outflow are still limited compared with local production, the export of non-woven fabrics to other countries in the world has reached an unprecedented level in both quantity and value. Last year, EU imports from China rose 24%, and China became the EU's most important supplier of non-woven fabrics. However, in the sub-category of each non-woven fabric, the 27 EU countries are still a net exporter.
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