China Industry Association promotes the application of medical textiles in military hospitals

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
In order to promote the use of medical and health textiles in China in the medical field and effectively protect the health and safety of medical staff, August 8, 2013- On the 9th, the China Industrial Textile Industry Association was invited to hold the Army's 'guidelines for prevention and control of surgical site infection' in Changchun together with the standardization office of the Ministry of Health of the General Logistics Department and the PLA disease prevention and control institute (GJB7480--2012)The publicity training course. Nearly 300 experts, medical staff and representatives of relevant enterprises from more than military hospitals such as the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army and the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army attended the standard training course. Han Li, a researcher at the Institute of Disease Control and Prevention of the People's Liberation Army, gave a detailed introduction to the national military standard 'guidelines for prevention and control of surgical site infection' and related research. The standard gives the requirements for the prevention and control of surgical site infection for surgical patients, surgical medical personnel, operating room environment, surgical instruments and articles, and the detection requirements for surgical site infection and control measures, as well as the management requirements for special infection surgery, it can be used by hospital management departments, hospital infection control departments, surgery departments and other departments. Combined with the promulgation of the standards, President Li lingshen of the China Association for industry and commerce made a special report on 'development of medical and health textiles in China' at the meeting, this paper introduces the classification, main uses, domestic and foreign development, technological progress and product development of industrial textiles, focusing on the application and development prospects of medical and health textiles in hospitals, it also introduces the application of other industrial textiles such as space suits, fire suits and carbon fiber in our army. The experts at the meeting reflected strongly, such as the original hole list, surgical suit, etc. , which easily caused problems such as wound infection, so now medical supplies made of blown or spunbonded filament nonwoven can effectively reduce the pollution source, thus improving the success rate of surgery, there are still many similar situations that really realize the contribution of industrial textiles to the medical and health system. At the meeting, director Song Wei of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of Beijing made a 'hundred years of dreams- The report of the new surgery era comprehensively introduces the development history of operating rooms at home and abroad, the technological trends of software and hardware, and looks forward to its future development, at the same time, the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of Beijing is also the participating unit of the standard. Director Song Wei also explained the drafting process of the guidelines for prevention and control of surgical site infections. Director Liu Yunxi of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army of Beijing introduced SSI prevention and control in conjunction with the review of military grade hospitals. President Tang Peifu of the PLA General Hospital put forward specific requirements for operating room management from a surgical point of view and made SSI prevention and control-Report on the development of surgery research. Director Cao Jingui of the Air Force General Hospital and Professor Xu Zhonglin of the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences explained SSI and environmental control and dynamic monitoring of SSI and clean operating rooms respectively. In terms of disinfection, researcher Zhang Wenfu of the PLA Institute of Disease Control and Prevention introduced the latest research progress on disinfection technology at surgical sites, and director Wang Zhigang of Beijing Military Region General Hospital introduced SSI prevention and control and rational use of antibacterial drugs. Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Bidford non-woven fabric, stable industry (Shenzhen) The key enterprises in the industry introduced their technological innovation and product development, and displayed their products and materials on the spot, while the on-site samples were greatly appreciated by the representatives of the participating military forces and quickly released. The directors of various military hospitals such as the Beijing Military Region, the Guangzhou Military Region, the Nanjing Military Region, the Chengdu Military Region, and the Jinan Military Region, especially the head nurses in charge of the operating room, attended the meeting to study and discuss together, and with the participating experts on the 'guidelines for prevention and control of surgical site infection', through two days of intense meetings to learn and discuss, will communicate, to enable military hospitals to better understand what medical and health textiles are, and to enable relevant enterprises to understand the specific requirements of military hospitals for medical and health textiles, and to realize the docking of medical and health textile industry chains through mutual exchanges, all the participants were very satisfied, giving a broader space for the application of medical and health textiles in military hospitals. In view of the short duration, military representatives hope to have more time to learn more about industrial textiles and strengthen exchanges and cooperation in product development and standard setting, to enable medical and health enterprises to provide safe, convenient and low-cost high-quality products for patient protection and medical staff's own protection. (China Industrial Textile Industry Association)
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