China Textile City Weekly review: the overall marketing of the market tends to heat up

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
Stock market helps marketing increase in first week of December 2014 (1-7) The overall marketing of Shaoxing Textile City tends to heat up, with more customers per week than last week and an increase in overall marketing. In the past week, Textile City has talked more about stocks, and how much it has earned has become another new topic besides fabric management. Driven by the stock market's rising volume in a week, the whole social environment was fumigated and angry, especially the textile industry was jubilant and jubilant. Textile Fabrics, a week, although the stock market does not have a direct impact on the textile city, but indirect changes have emerged. In the week, there have been an increase in foreign businessmen and domestic demand in the market. The number of imported cloth has increased, and the number of vehicles connected to the cloth has increased back and forth. A week, many operators who participated in stock trading had a happy face, believing that the rising trend of the stock market would not change and firmly believing that even the downward correction would be temporary. According to the current social structure, the demographic dividend of about ten years is basically affirmative. In the week, people began to clear their hopes. The textile industry has a lot of momentum. It seems straightforward, trust has increased, mutual appearance is amiable, credit is sent more, and the cloth that is eager to be more than last week, the package delivery has been delayed to the night, and the overall textile city operation rhythm has been faster than last week. This week is the sixth consecutive week of gradual rise since the light textile city fell at the end of October, and it is also the biggest rising channel since the second half of the year. In the past week, due to the fact that the old investors in the market have been released one after another and the new investors have not made any profits, they have tolerated the economic transactions in the cloth business accordingly, which has played a positive role in boosting the market business, therefore, sales began to show significant growth this week. Knitted rally continue Textile City traditional market knitted goods incremental L especially the second half thick varieties goods more than last week small goods new amplification a week total sales is last week rally continue. Over the past week, the marketing of knitted warp knitted composite flannel, warp knitted shearing plush cloth and weft knitted large round machine clothing dual-purpose pull-wool flannel has increased on the basis of the previous steady operation; In particular, the number of goods returned to the clothing with warm-keeping double-sided flannel has increased in batches, and some merchants with more fancy varieties have started to receive orders repeatedly in batches. The week was mainly due to the reliability of the product, which correspondingly pushed the total sales of filament knitted fabrics in the market to continue to rise. In the fourth week of November, all kinds of knitted chemical fiber filament-based decorative fabrics ( Large round machine weft knitted brushed plush and warp knitted cut plush, including some stage fabric fabrics and clothing dual-purpose mesh, floral, knitted jacquard, embroidery, rotten flowers, water-melted cloth, composite, flocking cloth)Clothing cloth ( Including two-sided elastic without spandex, some knitted polyester-ammonia fabric elastic cloth, elastic flannel) The total sales volume of knitted fabrics, which are mainly used for clothing, has increased compared with last week, but it is still lacking compared with the same period of last year. Decorative cloth marketing is getting stronger and stronger. The spot of decorative cloth in the real market of textile city has increased and the transaction has been sent more. The overall marketing of the week has continued to rise again compared with last week, and it has increased. In the past week, the stock market with rising volume has begun to promote the marketing of decorative cloth. In a week, the market directly imported more decorative cloth than last week, and the batches of goods from all over the country exceeded last week. In the past week, especially the filament curtain cloth has warmed up enthusiastically, and repeated goods are widely involved, and the situation that it is too late to deliver is not uncommon. This week, the physical market is dominated by all kinds of woven polyester filaments, and some knitted window decoration fabrics (Curtain cloth, curtain yarn, tent yarn), Sand release ( Including woven yarn-dyed cloth, woven yarn-dyed decorative flannel)Seat cushion (Island fiber suede) The total sales volume of cloth and other decorative fabrics increased significantly from last week, a slight increase from the same period last year. Imitation linen has steadily climbed. The marketing of imitation linen in textile city tends to heat up. The number of goods in the week has increased compared with last week, and the goods have been enlarged. The overall marketing has steadily increased compared with last week. This week, although the marketing growth of polyester filament imitation linen cloth is not large, the upward trend is continuous. This is mainly due to the improvement of product quality in recent years, entering the current low-end product marketing decline, medium and high-end products are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, running-type sales become running-quality sales, and the demand for medium and high-end products has increased, and gradually become universal; In particular, this week, due to the favorable stock market and the profit of some operators participating in stock trading, they began to become tolerant of economic transactions in fabric trading, which has contributed to the market's linen-like marketing, therefore, this week's imitation linen marketing continues to grow. This week, all kinds of woven fdy and dty filaments in the conventional market are mainly (Single, doubles line) Conventional linen cloth for clothing, Volkswagen linen cloth, printed linen (Mainly chiffon hemp) The cumulative sales volume increased slightly from last week and rose sharply from the same period last year.
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