Chinese non-woven fabrics must surprise the world

by:Sunshine     2020-04-29
Reporters came to Guangdong Nanhai Nanxin non-woven fabric Co. , Ltd. , the largest producer of spunbonded non-woven fabrics in China, and interviewed Fang Yipeng, general manager of the company. Reporter: Fang Zong, what do you think of the previous stage of spunbonded/blown composite nonwoven (SMS) What are the things worth reflecting on in the industry? Fang Yipeng: for the SMS industry, I personally think that the lines on the first three years in China are not ideal, or there are some problems. SMS products produced by high-investment production lines cannot enter the international mainstream market of medical treatment and diapers as soon as possible, and enterprises are struggling. The main reason, I think, is that when buying equipment, the Enterprise ignored the in-depth investigation of the market and there was blindness in product positioning. From the perspective of China's entire market, there will still be a climax of SMS development in the next stage, but investment companies will be very cautious and prefer to choose high-end. From my understanding of the market, there will be a small climax of the Laifen production line in the next stage. From the perspective of the international market, all the high-end products entering the international medical and diaper supply chain are basically from Laifen equipment. It can be said that Laifen machine has obvious advantages in the field of medical and diaper products. Reporter: What do you think about the future development of China's non-woven fabric industry. Fang Yipeng: China's non-woven fabric industry has experienced several climax of development, and it will reach a climax in the next stage. Because China's non-woven fabric industry has moved towards high-end, many enterprises and products have strong international competitiveness. Through years of exploration and development, Chinese enterprises have stepped out of their own unique path. For example, some non-woven products processing plants also have coil production lines such as spunbond, which not only saves production costs, but also facilitates quality control. At the same time, some enterprises have embarked on the road of scale development and have grown rapidly. Of course, the potential huge application market in China is an important driving force. Reporter: large international companies are optimistic about China. What is the reason why foreign investment has poured into China's SMS industry? Fang Yipeng: In the past, large international companies, such as BBA, PGI, Mitsui Chemical, monopolized the high-end market of the medical and health industry chain. In the next few years, this situation will gradually be broken by China's private, Taiwan-funded and some foreign-funded enterprises. At present, BBA, PGI and other major international companies are training all over the world. 'Aphid' , Find the right development target and train to become the supplier of its products. These companies are looking at private enterprises in China. Some private enterprises in China already have strong international market competitiveness. I believe they will soon enter the high end of the medical and diaper market after seizing the opportunity, which also means entering a high-level and high-efficiency industrial chain. Reporter: What are the factors leading the pattern of China's non-woven fabric market? Fang Yipeng: as far as the world is concerned, China's low-cost advantage will still be competitive for a period of time, and China's huge application market is undoubtedly more attractive. Therefore, now orders for non-woven fabrics all over the world are flocking to China. The diversification of the commercial market will make the differentiation of China's non-woven fabric market more obvious in the next few years, and high, medium and low-end products will have room for survival. Therefore, for the current large number of horses. In the case of a 6-meter small line, I think it is not the market that is trapped in the enterprise, but mainly because there are too many similar machines and the homogenization of products is serious. And if you have a product processing, the coil can self-digest, that is no problem, some enterprises in Guangdong are this model, and the operation is very successful. Reporter: What suggestions do you have for enterprise innovation? Fang Yipeng: China's non-woven fabric industry has gone through a childish stage, such as management, quality and equipment, which have made gratifying and great progress at present, but the innovation is not enough. Therefore, the future investment in research and development and technological transformation must be strengthened. Chinese companies should do something that foreign countries do not have and make their own brands. In terms of equipment, China has completed the process of copying and imitating, and it needs innovation to have a way out. I think that spunbond equipment can avoid the strong market of Laifen machine. It does not necessarily have to be high-speed. It should be used to find more suitable products for development. Just like China's big passenger aircraft is not competitive, but to do regional aircraft and agricultural aircraft same great market. (China grinding net)
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