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Chinese Triditional Festival------Mid Autumn Festival coming Sunshine festival party


Chinese Triditional Festival
Mid Autumn Festival coming Sunshine festival party

     Since ancient times, the Chinese people usually celebrate harvest in the Mid- Autumn, which is similar to the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving in the North America. The tradition of celebrating Mid-Autumn festival became popular throughout China in the early Tang dynasty.The lunar August 15 is a day for people worshiping the moon. On this day, under the dazzling bright moon,families reunite and enjoy the moon’s beauty. In 2006, Mid-Autumn festival was listed as one of China's cultura heritage, and in 2008, it was classified as a public holiday. Moon cakes, as indispensable delicious food of the festival, were gifts people sent to families and friends during the festival and usually eaten on family gatherings. There are characters of “longevity”,"good fortune” and “harmony” on the Traditional moon cakes.

       The company will make a gift(moon cake)for their staff and want they have a time to accompany with their family , so , they will have a vacation on this day . People will prepare so much foods and enjoy with all family member .This day , the moon would be the most round on one year. People reckon this round moon to be a symble of birdnesting

      Sunshine non woven fabric factory host a typical activity on the Mid Autumn Festival , “bobing” (a dice game). the winner would be the man who have 4 dice with four point. He will get the grand prize. A nice game for improve our cohesion.

       Sunshine nonwoven fabric factory would be a factory that produce all kinds nonwoven products, included the S/SS/SSS/SMS/SMMS/MELTBLOWN and the spunlace nonwoven fabric . Can offer the width min 2cm ,max 16.2m, the weight 9gsm-220gsm in every color. If you have any interest in ,just feel free to contact me ,will try our best to help you.

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