( Choice of medical non-woven masks haze days]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-18
Environmental problem is increasingly serious, now the fog haze to affected people's life. In the fog day people not only can't see, and long time stay in the environment of the fog day will make people's respiratory problems. At the time of travel for this people might as well take measures in this regard, in when you go out wearing a medical protective non-woven mask to prevent mist haze. Medical non-woven mask can prevent mist haze have very good air filter, the filtering harmful impurities in the air, people will breathe to obtain the very good clean air. Medical non-woven anti-fog haze mask can ensure the isolation of impurities are the same, every day because every day in a, will not be repeated use, so to ensure the clean degree. And it's lightweight, easy to carry, permeability is good, can filter the particles in the air, barrier droplets, secretion and desiccant, etc. Wear medical non-woven anti-fog haze mask of note: 1. Masks must be regularly cleaned and replaced. 2. According to the air quality to select the appropriate mask. 3. People with respiratory diseases, the elderly, children, pregnant women, such as the special groups, should not be wearing a mask for a long time. Fog day, wear the masks, can better protect our health. In dongyang, zhejiang province, have a professional high-quality medical non-woven fabric manufacturer - Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. , lai chi was founded in 2015, annual output of more than 4000 square meters medical non-woven production line.
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