Chongqing quality supervision spot check results, waterproof coil pass rate 89. 66%

by:Sunshine     2019-12-03
Chongqing municipal quality supervision bureau announced on the 19th the results of quality supervision and spot checks on waterproof coiled material products in Chongqing in the third quarter of 2011. Of the 29 batches of products sampled, 26 were qualified, with a sampling pass rate of 89. 66%. The types of waterproofing membrane products in this spot check include elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, polymer waterproofing material, self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, etc, A total of 29 batches of products from 14 enterprises in 7 districts and counties, including Bishan, Yongchuan, Beibei, Shapingba, Jiangbei, Tongliang and Hechuan, were sampled according to the current effective national standard GB 18242- 2008 elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, JC/T 690- 2008 'flexible waterproof coiled material for asphalt composite tire', GB 18173. 1- 2006 'polymer waterproof materials, Part I: Sheet', GB 23441- 2009 'self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane' and the current effective enterprise standards and product Express quality requirements after filing, the soluble content, impermeability, heat resistance, tensile force, elongation, low temperature flexibility, joint stripping strength, oil permeability and thermal aging of the product (Low temperature flexibility)Thermal aging (Quality loss)Thermal aging (Tension retention rate)Thermal aging (Elongation retention rate)Thermal aging (Dimensional change rate)Such indicators were tested. After inspection, 26 batches were qualified, and the sampling pass rate was 89. 66%. The results of spot checks show that the overall quality level of waterproof coiled material products in Chongqing is still unstable and needs to be further improved. Of the three batches of unqualified products found in this spot check, the pulling force of the three batches of products is not up to standard, and the pulling force of waterproof coiled material mainly depends on the performance of the product tire base, the magnitude of the pulling force has a great influence on the cracking resistance, deformation resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance of the product. The thermal aging retention rate of 1 batch of products was unqualified. The main reason for the above-mentioned nonconformities is the lax control of raw materials entering the factory, and it does not rule out factors such as the use of cheap tire bases in the production process by individual production enterprises in order to reduce costs. In view of the unqualified products found in this spot check, Chongqing quality supervision bureau has immediately instructed the local quality supervision bureau of the enterprise to deal with the unqualified products and their production units in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. (China quality News Network)
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