Choose yaqino non-woven wallpaper and feel the different charm of wallpaper

by:Sunshine     2019-12-05
In this era of more and more aesthetics, wallpapers must follow the pace of development of the times. A wallpaper that can give people a comfortable look, not only depends on the beautiful design, but also has a lot to do with the material. The wallpaper material on the market is dazzling, and the beauty of the design should be maximized. It is best to choose non-woven fabric as the material. Wallpaper is like a wall of clothes, feel, environmental protection, air permeability and other aspects must be comprehensive. Non-woven fabric is the main base material of high-grade wallpaper, with pure color, soft touch, sound absorption and ventilation, giving people a comfortable and elegant visual feeling, and is a good choice for wallpaper for modern home soft decoration. As one of the top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry, yaqinuo's products are mostly made of non-woven materials. Non-woven wallpaper is called 'breathing wallpaper' by the industry. It is because of the excellent characteristics of non-woven wallpaper that yaqino's original design can be interpreted so vividly. Yaqi Nuo's brand influence is extensive, and then we will witness Yaqi Nuo's independent original design products and feel how Yaqi Nuo wallpaper leads the wallpaper fashion. 'Fontainebleau' reveals the beauty of French classics and elegance. By 'Fontainebleau', it advocates a casual attitude towards life, promotes the innovative spirit of yaqino, integrates new and old cultures, mixes ancient and modern civilizations, and makes elegant and warm colors, mottled in retro, French classic elegance, flowing between the context of wallpaper. 'Fontainebleau' has achieved a noble French style with elegance everywhere. 'Mountain Living in Autumn', another flavor of simplicity crosses three thousand prosperity, leaving a piece of plain simplicity. 'Mountains and autumn', plain and elegant color, no artificial texture, no delicate makeup, but intriguing bleak. It is either deep or shallow in color, pure and natural, just as the householder is indifferent to the world. There is no fancy, only elegant purity, as if telling a song of happiness. The simple melody is not excited, but it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. 'The evening of flowers', the tranquility and beauty of the new Chinese style 'the evening of flowers', the design of flowers and leaves, is rooted in an artistic expression of the fertile soil of regional culture. The simple color from nature expresses yaqino's love for nature and life. Every flower, every branch, with the beauty of emptiness, is true and elegant. As if to bring people to the situation of birds and flowers, people do not know to return, do not know to wake up. 'Flowers in the evening', take off the irritability and flashy, bring the home to the extraordinary quiet. Yaqino wallpaper is not only a product of business, but also a product of modern spirit. Redefining wallpaper with quality and design, high-quality raw materials, showing unparalleled honor, its fine workmanship is impeccable. Every angle and every detail outlines the modern and elegant style. Choose yaqino wallpaper, choose a different way of life, and feel the charm of elegant wallpaper!
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