Codebao non-woven fabric production capacity increases 25% in China

by:Sunshine     2020-01-08
On November 1, codebao held a press conference in Shanghai to report on its performance in China. The group's third quarter of 2011 sales increased by 11. 9%. In Suzhou, the production capacity of non-woven fabrics focusing on automobiles has increased by 25%. Since 2004, codebao Group has invested a total of about 17. 6. 6 billion yuan for the construction of production facilities and sales organizations. In fiscal year, codebao group set a new record in China, with year-on-year sales up 2010 to 46%. 0. 7 billion yuan, the total number of employees increased to about 4870. The non-woven products produced by the company are used for car interiors such as roof lining, seat cover and rear shelf. The company is developing lighter non-woven fabrics that help reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The automobile business accounts for 40% of codebao group. In addition to automotive non-woven fabrics, there are automotive shock absorbers, chassis parts, air springs and automotive after-sales services. Last year, Kodak Group's global sales reached about 50 billion yuan, up 30% from 2009. The growth has completely offset the recession caused by the 2009 economic crisis. (Shanghai Auto News)
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