Common sizes of non-woven bags

by:Sunshine     2020-03-21
As the executor of the concept of environmental protection life, non-woven bags have penetrated into all aspects of daily life. Since the non-woven bag has no fixed size and its various uses and sizes are different, the merchant can cut it at will according to the size and appearance of the product. However, the sizes of several non-woven bags commonly used in the market mainly include: 1. The more commonly used ones are; 2. The size of A3 paper Non-woven bag is; 3. Non-woven bags for supermarkets are 48*35*10, with a belt length of and a width of 2. 5 cm; 4. Non-woven bag with no bottom edge and no side edge: 30*40 cm; 5. Size of transverse non-woven bag; The strap is.
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