Concept non-woven wallpaper: Environmental protection star creates zero pollution life

by:Sunshine     2020-02-28
Non-woven fabric, English name'NonWoven', Is a new type of environmental protection material. The reason why it is called'Non-Woven' Because it is made up of directional or random fibers. Breathable, moisture-proof, light weight, easy decomposition, non-toxic, non-irritating, flexible, recyclable, rich in color, is the eight-point advantage of non-woven fabrics. One phenomenon that many people have noticed is that people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, plastic bags in supermarkets have begun to charge, and non-woven environmental bags have become popular. Due to the strong publicity of the government, many companies have printed a large number of non-woven environmental protection bags with the company's LOGO based on the environmental protection concept and the need for publicity. These environmental protection bags are beautiful, fashionable and generous, and non-woven fabrics have become'Environmental star'. Now, the non-woven fabric has extended its tentacles to the wallpaper field. In recent years, it has been the general trend to decorate the wall with wallpaper, and consumers' high purchasing enthusiasm has made the wallpaper industry'Bullish'. At the same time, in the rapid development of the wallpaper industry, the environmental protection performance of the products is a sharp weapon for the market, and naturally it is more and more tough. The day before the emergence of environmental protection materials in the wallpaper market, Guo Xiulin, a citizen, finally selected three volumes of pure paper wallpaper with simple European style. She said:' Compared with other textures of wallpaper, pure paper wallpaper has higher environmental protection, good air permeability, and pure natural raw materials are more environmentally friendly and healthy. ' At present, there are still many consumers who share the same idea with Ms. Guo. Wallpaper products made of natural materials are favored, and the environmental protection of their products has become a bright spot to attract consumers.
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