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Developing countries have good prospects for Baby Diapers Market

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
In recent years, the birth rate of babies in some developed countries has continued to decline, and there are data showing that the world is 1. Of the 3. 6 billion newborns, developing countries account for about 90%. Many diaper manufacturers are turning their eyes to developing countries to explore the potential of diaper sales. Although the number of babies born affects the sales of diapers, this is a necessary factor and not a sufficient condition. Because the more important factor is people's purchasing power, and purchasing power depends on the annual per capita GNIPPP value. Statistics show that the annual per capita consumption of infants in developed countries is 475 US dollars, accounting for 2% of the per capita GNIPPP value, which is even lower in the United States. In developing countries, the per capita GNIPPP value is only 3300 US dollars, equivalent to 15% of that in developed countries and only 4% in sub-Saharan Africa. It is really difficult to bear the annual consumption of 475 US dollars. This requires diaper manufacturers to change their development of diaper production strategies, update diaper design, change raw materials used, and greatly reduce production costs. For example, the new process of pulp and pulp air-forming net non-woven developed in recent years has a positive effect on the production of cheap diapers, and the method of producing women's sanitary products with prefabricated core materials can also be used for reference. The analysis shows that the number of newborns in developing countries is more than 9 times that in developed countries, so the potential market capacity will be nearly 10 times that of the existing market, and diaper manufacturers can also appropriately reduce the profit margin, strive for a larger market share. ( Note: GNIPPP is the average value of purchasing power related to total national income)
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