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( 'Different' dongyang lai chi elastic nonwoven, advantage is great ~]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-20
Itself non-woven fabric is not flexible, general elastic nonwoven is two layers of non-woven fabric between a layer of elastic membrane, through this method gives non-woven elasticity. But this kind of elastic non-woven production process is relatively complex, high cost, breathable technology is restricted. Dongyang lai chi patent free gum elastic non-woven 'different', advantage is great ~ dongyang lai chi free gum elastic garment (non-woven can be used in medical use Children's fever stick) Bandage or movement. Lai chi stretch non-woven fever stick dongyang lai chi patent free gum elastic non-woven fabric has high degree of extension and the gentle retraction force, garment products conform to the need to apply the characteristics of high ductility and low tensile strength. 1, elastic nonwoven adhesion strong, can meet the demand of long time using of medicament. 2, elastic non-woven super soft and comfortable feel, can be easily and various body parts, including the activity and the Angle of the joints better amplifies, soft tactility and no tension, both fit the wearer comfortable, there won't be allergic. 3, elastic nonwoven customer orientation and versatility, could be selected in accordance with the requirements of various functional materials. 多发性骨髓瘤/短信/纺粘型织物/热BondB。 Various heavy C. Air, water, water, etc. 4, elastic non-woven fabric environmental protection from gelatin elastic non-woven didn't join the elastic rubber, and complete PP material is single, you can have all the pieces of elemental recycling convenience, can be completely incinerator combustion and not produce poisonous gas, more in line with environmental protection requirements.
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