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Dongli hi-tech added spunbond blown non-woven fabric production line

by:Sunshine     2020-04-30
This newspaper is a joint venture between Korea Dongli Shihan Co. , Ltd. and Japan Dongli Co. , Ltd. in China (Nantong) The company will add a polypropylene spunbond blown non-woven fabric production line with an annual output of 20 thousand tons. The investment in this production line is 3. 7. 5 billion yuan, strive to start operation in March 2011. Dongli high-tech gathering (Nantong) The annual output of the limited company will reach 3. 80 thousand tons, combined with South Korea's Dongli Shihan production line with an annual output of 50 thousand tons, will make Dongli become Asia's first non-woven fabric manufacturer. Since its completion in October 2008, the company has produced at full capacity? The system of sales has added production lines again in just one year. With the growth of China's national income and changes in consumption patterns, Health use? The demand trend of high-function non-woven fabrics for medical use is high. According to the expectation that some non-woven fabric manufacturers for health and medical use in China will continue to increase production, the company is planning to continue to invest in the Chinese market in preparation for its future preemption and expansion of high-function non-woven fabric applications. Through this investment, the company will continue to promote product softening? Functional development such as ultra-low gram weight, and by improving quality and cost competitiveness, establish a demand system to cope with a variety of sanitary and medical non-woven fabric markets. South Korea Dongli Shihan Co. , Ltd. is the first manufacturer of multi-layer spunbond blown non-woven fabrics in Asia. Dongli will also be committed to the unconventional and highly functional products through continuous technical cooperation and use development cooperation. (Cao Ying)
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