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Dongwo carpet non-woven fabric project plans to vote again. 0. 2 billion

by:Sunshine     2020-04-30
Global Textile network, August 18-Shandong Laiwu dongwo carpet Co. , Ltd. was established in December 1, 2005. The company is located in Laicheng Industrial Park, Laiwu city, Shandong province, covering an area of 120 mu, the company mainly produces and manages needle-punched non-woven paving materials, industrial non-woven fabrics, automotive interiors, Geotechnical materials and synthetic leather non-woven fabrics. The company has strong technical strength, advanced equipment and complete testing methods. The main technical personnel came from the former technical engineer of polypropylene factory in Laiwu city, Shandong province. The first phase of production capacity has reached 10 million square meters of paving materials and industrial cloth. Products are exported at home and abroad. It is understood that the enterprise is built by the city Huasen Industry and Trade Co. , Ltd. in cooperation with Shanghai merchants, with a total planned investment of 1. 0. 8 billion yuan, the first phase of the project has completed an investment of 50 million yuan. At present, more than 10000 square meters of standard factory buildings have been built and many non-woven fabric production lines have been introduced. Among them: 3 needle-punched non-spinning lines, 3 Computer Jacquard machines, 1 irregular cashmere machine, 1 Printing line, and 1 carpet after comprehensive finishing and drying shaping line. The main equipment was introduced into Austria (Fehrer) The company produces a needle-piercing thread and a Computer Jacquard machine; Japan-made carding machine, Taiwan-made high-speed Jacquard machine, German diluo company (DILO)Irregular cashmere machine, and domestic non-woven fabric production line. According to the market development plan, the company introduced 8 tufted carpets and Wilton carpet production lines. 1- In June, sales revenue was 40 million yuan and profits and taxes were 4 million yuan; The second phase of the plan investment 1. 0. 2 billion yuan, the new car interior production line and polyester filament non-woven fabric production line can increase sales revenue by 0. 3 billion yuan and profits and taxes by 30 million yuan per year after delivery.
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