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Double-layer absorbent wet-conducting non-woven fabric and its preparation method

by:Sunshine     2020-04-26
Content Description: This project provides a double-layer absorbent wet-conducting non-woven fabric and its preparation method, it includes an inner layer with moisture absorption composite by hot rolling composite method and an outer layer that exports the water adsorbed in the inner layer. The inner layer is prepared by components that mainly include the following weight ratios: natural plant fiber 10 ~ 50 parts, polypropylene resin pellets 45 ~ 80 parts, compatible agent 1 ~ 6 parts, antioxidant 0. 5 ~ 3 parts and toughening filler 2 ~ 10 parts, the outer fiber specification is 0. 6 ~ 0. 8 denier, and made from polypropylene resin pellets, polypropylene fine denier staple fiber non-woven fabric. The double-layer absorbent wet-conducting non-woven fabric provided by this achievement has the characteristics of light weight, degradable, high absorption rate and good wet-conducting. Cooperation Mode: name of cooperative development unit: Xiamen University
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