East China chemical Hangzhou Branch successfully developed special materials for non-woven fabrics

by:Sunshine     2020-04-27
In the first half of this year, the domestic chemical market was fiercely competitive and the prices of chemical products fluctuated. In order to cope with the complex and changeable market environment, East China chemical sales Hangzhou branch actively seeks the target market and implements the integration strategy of production, marketing and research, showing a new bright spot in the development of non-woven fabric special materials. With the support of the company's headquarters, East China chemical sales Hangzhou branch has developed a new non-woven fabric special material product, Langang petrochemical SF35 user market, and achieved good results. At the beginning of this year, the sales staff of Hangzhou branch went deep into the market research, traveled tens of thousands of kilometers, and patiently visited the non-woven fabric special material market. Through demonstration and analysis, Hangzhou branch has initially identified more than a dozen target customers among many customers, and the new product J901 of Langang petrochemical company was first introduced to Zhejiang Huayin nonwoven Co. , Ltd. , Hangzhou Jinfu nonwoven company and Zhejiang jinsanfa group kedebang nonwoven company with abundant funds, large scale and strong representativeness in the non-woven fabric industry. cloth Co. , Ltd. and other terminal factories try out. Hangzhou Jinfu nonwoven company is an influential customer in the non-woven fabric industry. When testing J901 in February, the company found that wire breakage and caking occurred many times in the spinning process, seriously affecting production, and considered the performance of the product unstable, also come to the product usage report. Hangzhou branch immediately reported quality information to East China headquarters when it learned of the situation. The headquarters attaches great importance to it. On the one hand, it reflects the situation to the upstream company Langang petrochemical, and on the other hand, it dispatches technicians to go to Hangzhou Jinfu nonwoven company for technical analysis and production line debugging. Through debugging, J901 can be processed normally and production can proceed smoothly, thus avoiding greater losses to customers. At the same time, in the efforts of the Hangzhou branch to coordinate, Langang petrochemical also feedback the information of changing the J901 brand to SF35, re-commissioning the product, and producing according to customer needs, the indicators of its new products meet the production needs of end customers. During the transportation of SF35 special material for non-woven fabrics, the sales staff of Hangzhou branch seized the favorable opportunity for SECCO petrochemical maintenance and Ningbo Formosa Plastics to switch brands, the performance indicators of the product were distributed to the end customers who had previously tried J901, and sent special personnel to the customer to negotiate business. Most terminal factories generated purchase wishes. In May, after SF35 arrived at the station, various terminal factories bought and used it one after another, creating 5 ~ In June, this model of product sold nearly 600 tons in Hangzhou market. With the increasing number of customers and the gradual expansion of sales volume, Hangzhou branch invited technicians from the upstream enterprise Langang Petrochemical Company to Hangzhou to go deep into the production site of the end customers, understand the user's product experience, quality differences of different brands in the production process, demand status and other information, in order to further improve product quality, excellence, and expand sales. (Lu Guancheng) ■ Editor's comment, the sales company is at the forefront of the closest contact with social consumers, is the final link of the industrial chain, and is the ultimate embodiment of the value of the company's products, is also play upstream and downstream, production and marketing research integration advantage of effective position. East China chemical sales Hangzhou branch is an indispensable part of the frontier position of China's petrochemical products. They specialize in the sales of special materials, which not only establishes the brand image of the company, but also realizes the locking of the target market, greatly avoiding the price war of similar products and forming their own characteristics. Because it is located at the forefront of the market and has the convenience and advantages to directly obtain market information, it can be carefully carved in the sales process by giving full play to the role of market links. Moreover, while developing and selling special materials, after-sales service, customer management and market information are all in this area. Position'Take root and Sprout, blossom and bear fruit. J901 and SF35 are also new products. It is precisely because Hangzhou branch is holding hands upstream and downstream, targeting the target market, and making a fuss about the characteristics that the development of special materials continues to move forward. They deliver efficiency with products, communicate information with services, and win customers with patience, so that the market share of new products in East China continues to expand, achieving a double harvest of economic and social benefits. In order to have a place in the market, we must specialize in selling brand products with characteristics. Hangzhou branch SF35 non-woven fabric sales case, a powerful interpretation of this fact.
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