Effect and performance of non-woven fabric adhesive lining

by:Sunshine     2020-03-27
The function and performance of non-woven fabric adhesive lining, also known as non-woven fabric lining and lining paper, is made of non-woven fabric as base fabric and processed by adhesive coating. The adhesive lining was first made directly from non-woven fabric. At present, most of them have been replaced by bonded non-woven fabrics. However, it is still used in casual clothes, knitted clothes, raincoats and children's clothes. Usually made of adhesive legally, it is divided into three types: thin, medium and thick. Introduction to the effect and performance of non-woven fabric adhesive lining: 1. Comprehensive non-woven fabric bonding lining is mainly used for front coating. High adhesion, good washing resistance and good adhesion to fabric can improve sewing efficiency. In addition, it has a good effect as a lining for knitted garments. 2, local non-woven fabric adhesive lining cut into strips. This kind of lining is widely used as a reinforcing lining for the hem of the garment, the lining of the small parts such as the stop, the bag mouth and the cuffs, and also used for large parts such as the collar and the door; It has the functions of preventing elongation, adjusting fabric structure and enhancing the tightness of clothing, so that clothing can obtain good shape preservation and smooth and beautiful appearance.
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