( Elastic nonwoven can produce elastic bandage]

by:Sunshine     2020-05-17
Elastic nonwovens as self-adhesive elastic bandage, hand tore the elastic bandage, has its own glue, separate, convenient and not sticky skin hair, non-toxic side effects to the skin, elastic ratio more than 2 at the same time. 0, providing adjustable tighten force, applicable to various parts of the body, use convenient, cloth material can be according to customer's need to be printed above all sorts of design, can attract the attention of consumers and love more, advocacy had important meaning to the customer. There are various design can choose, can also be customized according to customer requirements. Scope: animal hospital farms, cattle, horses and other animals, animal protection, etc. Elastic elastic nonwoven cloth, is made up of fiber orientation memory, produce back to power; So the characteristics of elastic nonwoven, it is with more than two hundred percent of the high degree of stretch and gentle retraction force. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD. At the same time production: elastic nonwoven, health elastic non-woven fabrics, medical elastic non-woven, non-woven, SSS SMS medical non-woven fabric, spun-bonded non-woven, etc. Dongyang lai chi environmental protection technology co. , LTD, is a critically acclaimed non-woven fabric manufacturer, specializing in the production sales: non-woven fabric, elastic nonwoven, spun-bonded non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabric.
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