Environmental protection new products become the mainstream, non-woven fabrics will become popular

by:Sunshine     2020-01-19
In recent years, new wallpaper products in the market have attracted more and more attention from consumers, among which 'low carbon and environmental protection' has become an important advantage of wallpaper products in the market, and the birth of new environmental protection products has become a major mainstream of innovative products. As we all know, the composition of wallpaper is mainly pvc and ink. Ink is divided into oily ink and water-based ink. Water-based ink is environmentally friendly ink and is considered to be 'the best and most promising printing method on Earth' in developed European countries '. According to the reporter's understanding, Yulan wallpaper began to use water-based ink as early as the late 1990s S. It is the first wallpaper enterprise in China to use water-based ink, therefore, the test results of various environmental protection indicators of Yulan wallpaper are not equal to those of imported wallpaper. In recent years, natural materials have become the first choice of wallpaper raw materials, and the pursuit of more environmentally friendly performance has become the development trend of wallpaper products. Chairman Wan of Yulan wallpaper told reporters that non-woven fabrics will become popular in the future. The non-woven fabric is made of pure copy paper. The surface is printed with water-based ink and coated with special materials. It is specially processed and has the characteristics of sound absorption, ventilation, moisture and no deformation. He said that with his more than 30 years of experience in running Yulan wallpaper, he can boldly predict that environmentally friendly wallpapers like non-woven wallpaper will become an important product in the wallpaper industry, yulan wallpaper will definitely increase research and development and investment in this area in the future, leading the direction of industry development. Fabric wallpaper is also a popular product in recent years. It is known as 'breathing wallpaper' and its rich texture, ventilation and environmental protection are all important advantages of the market. It is understood that, fabric wallpaper is mainly woven into surface layer with silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers, so it is regarded as wallpaper with very high safety, with the increasing proportion of environmental protection wallpaper such as non-woven fabrics and fabric wallpaper, it is a good illustration that wallpaper not only receives market recognition from the appearance, but also becomes the only choice for people from the perspective of environmental protection. Chairman Wan finally stressed that environmental protection and health have become the most important factor in the competition in the wallpaper industry. Yulan wallpaper will continue to introduce new environmental protection products in the market in the future. I believe that in terms of environmental protection, Yulan wallpaper will be better in the future, and the concept of environmental protection will be sublimated in the wallpaper industry.
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