Environmental protection non-woven bag

by:Sunshine     2020-01-18
At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to environmental protection. Ordinary plastic bags can no longer meet the requirements of environmental protection and automatic degradation. In some developed countries, such as Australia, it was banned from producing plastic bags of any form as early as a year ago and replaced them with environmental bags called non-woven fabrics. This non-woven environmental protection bag is not only brightly colored and fashionable, but also has a long service life. More importantly, its raw materials are widely used and can be automatically degraded. This fully meets the needs of environmental protection in today's world. China's environmental protection industry started late, and there are still few domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of fashionable and environment-friendly bags. At a time when the awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, many countries have realized the advantages of non-woven bags. First, it has the characteristics of short process flow, high output, low cost, fast variety change and wide source of raw materials; Second: it can have a variety of choices in the form of expression; Third: non-woven bag has a long service life and has the characteristics of automatic degradation.
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