European wallpaper, pure- Pure interprets Summer fashion trend in 2011

by:Sunshine     2020-02-27
Wallpaper itself has a natural magic power, which can create a variety of makeup for the wall. 2011 when the trend of low carbon and environmental protection continues to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, wallpaper has the advantages of gorgeous colors, personalized patterns, rich materials, environmental protection, good air permeability, easy scrubbing and crack prevention, closer to consumers. The new generation of decoration consumer groups has gradually increased after the 80 s and 90 s, and the personalized demand has also opened a new chapter in the decoration style. In the summer of 2011, the European wallpaper carrying version 'pure' began to face the national market. Unveil the fashion craze for the most cutting-edge wall decoration in summer. Pure- Pure, from the European Platinum series, is a wallpaper product using long fiber non-woven materials as the base material. This product is the base material with the highest grade and the best environmental protection performance in today's wallpaper products, the printing also adopts the most popular and advanced round screen printing at present. All the designs in this version are simple and elegant without rich patterns and colors enough to create a pure and clean living environment. European wallpaper Platinum series pure- Pure, fresh, elegant and light color, environmentally friendly wallpaper, elegant taste. Young people who pursue freshness and simplicity tend to be elegant and simple in wall style. Imitation of the mark of the leaves, light green, light powder, light yellow light color wallpaper, whether in the restaurant, study or bedroom, the moment of opening the door, the elegant wallpaper brings a fresh taste, give people a charming feeling of returning to nature. European wallpaper Platinum series pure- The pure, simple and Bright Leaf imprint pattern, style and color performance are modern, plus Metal photo frames and European-style clocks, and then matched with the same color ceiling, it can add to the overall beauty of the living room. European wallpaper Platinum series pure- The combination of pure furniture can be modern simplicity or Korean pastoral, and it can always feel its integration is appropriate. Suya's wallpaper is also more suitable for small-sized units, and the remaining corners are not discarded. Creativity comes from inspiration. Do DIY to put on the same new clothes for seats and shoe cabinets, and finally achieve style consistency. The feeling of 2011 relatives is actually that simple. 2011 of summer needs a pure feeling.
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